Monday, January 16, 2012

Seeing Stars

Levi and I had a very full day today and still I managed to get my first block for the Oh My Stars! QAL completed. I decided to use Kona Charcoal as my background fabric, after seeing a few grey backgrounds in the Flickr group (Dorrylu's blocks were particularly inspiring; she's in three of my QALs so I'm often admiring her work). I needed to go to The Workroom to grab the fabric and I was very disciplined while there. I only picked up an FQ of white and an FQ of Habitat that was on sale. It doesn't even count if it's on sale, right?!

Sheila's tutorial was terrific and taught me an excellent method for flying geese which doesn't waste any fabric! I encourage you to check it out.

Progress shot
This is the Basic Sawtooth block. I made it in the largest size, the 12 inch block. It was fast and easy and looks terrific, if I do say so myself! I plan to make a few more of the basic block in the medium and small sizes.

Oh! Post wouldn't be complete if I didn't share with you a minor incident that occurred at my dear friend Sara's house today. I was loading Levi into his stroller, which I'd left in Sara's open garage when I peeked over and saw this:

Why yes! That is an adult raccoon snuggled into her Bakefits carrier bike, all cuddled up in the blankets and pillows she keeps in there for her kids. It just stared up at me, nonplussed, like "What? You didn't make this comfy bed up specifically for me?!" Sara and I jiggled the bike, hit a stick on the side of the box and yelled at the rodent but it WOULD NOT BUDGE! So we did the only reasonable thing we could do. We left. I have no idea if her visitor was still there when she got home but I'm guessing it was.  I'm sure she'll blog about it shortly.  Please note: raccoons may look cute but they can be vicious and are, you know, rodents. Ewwww!

I'm linking up with Manic Monday on Sew Happy Geek this week.

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  1. Great looking block! I just love your colour choices. I think I need to come and shop at your house :)

    That raccoon is cute, but icky at the same