Monday, January 27, 2014

I Used to Blog...

Now I just post photos on Instagram. Here are some recent highlights:

The beginnings of my Once Upon a Time sampler (and my first cross stitches since I was a teenager):

Patching my favorite jeans with Chicopee corduroy:

I destashed some of my yardage as part of The Great Fabric Destash on Instagram.

And finally, I took this little sweetheart on a trip to visit my sister. She did wonderfully on the plane!


Monday, January 13, 2014

Troubleshooting Volume

I'm still working away, although rather slowly, on my Marcelle Medallion.
I'm currently working on the second to last border. This is the cross border and the pieces are tiny. Each cross requires nine little bits of fabric. There are 32 cross. The cutting alone took me a week.
Like borders two and four, I planned to make the crosses high volume and the background low volume. I used down teal and pink low volume prints in the flying geese border and I thought I'd do the same with the cross border.
But when I laid out the crosses, it just wasn't working. Taking a photo helped me see that the pink Chicopee prints were too saturated. The teal low volume prints were standing out too much. It was time to edit. Unfortunately this meant more cutting. Which I dreaded. But I did it anyway.
Much better.