Master WIP List

On a fairly regular basis, I think to myself, I should really finish my WIPs.  Then I read about a new quilt-along, become inspired by a new pattern, or start drooling over a certain fabric in my stash or LQS, and my WIPs are put aside once again. In an effort to finish more, I thought I'd keep a master list the projects I've started, either in my head or in fabric.

Part One: Stuff I'm actually working on
  1. Liberty placemats - new project and needed for my dining room table. Made a table runner instead and gifted it to a member of my Handmade Birthday Club.
  2. February block for Modern Instabee.  I'm on October block now!
  3. Flora HST quilt - I have a huge stack of HSTs that just need trimming and arranging. I should get on it. This moved from Part Three. I'm sewing the rows now!
  4. Farmer's Wife Sampler quilt - ongoing block completion here and there 
  5. Meadow quilt - I have eight blocks to finish
  6. Marcelle Medallion quilt - currently quilting this.
Part Two: Stuff I've Planned But Haven't Started
  1. Denyse Schmidt churn dash quilt - using fabrics from Hello My Name is Quilt (thanks Shannon!). I have this all planned out, just need to cut and sew!
  2. Chambray Wiksten Tova. I used the Chambray for a skirt and it was terrible.
  3. Railroad Denim skirt (either another Hummingbird or a wrap skirt).
  4. Donuts quilt using Hatbox from Cotton+Steel
  5. Olive jersey knit dress
Part Three: Stuff I've Started That Aren't Seeing Any Action
  1. Sew Intertwined Quilt - a QAL that stalled that I no longer really like. I do like some of the blocks though so I should sew them up and be done with it. Maybe I'll donate it once completed. Finished!!
  2. 3 x 6 Purple and Green quilt - I have twelve blocks that need sashing. Again, I think this is a donation quilt, maybe to the Toronto Jewish Quilters group I quilted with shortly after Lila was born.
  3. Lucky Stars BOM - I only made four blocks - three two are left. I should turn them into something. Pillows? Made a mug rug from one of the four. Made a pillow from another one of them.
  4. Lila's Tula quilt - I'm half done the FMQ for this quilt. Why don't I just finish it!?!
  5. Mom's Lush Pillow Covers - I made two but there are two more to go. She bought the fabric. I have no excuse for not starting. Done!
  6. My sister's box of fabric from Africa. She asked me to "make stuff" with it. I will. Eventually. Update: I made napkins!
  7. Once Upon a Time sampler -  cross-stitch gives me repetitive strain injuries. This may never get finished.
Part Four: Fabric Stacks Waiting to be Turned into Something Awesome
This section requires some explaining. You know how it is right? You just have to own pieces of that awesome fabric line. The fact that you aren't sure when or what you'll make from it is secondary.
  1. Briar Rose quilt - I have an FQ bundle
  2. Comma mini something - I have 2 mini charm packs. Update: I made a mug rug using some of the charms. Still have a lot left though.
  3. Origins something - I have yardage and a charm pack I picked up in a destash. I made a gorgeous picnic blanket for my friend's birthday.
  4. Tula 10 inch charms - I did three rounds of a swap and vaguely intended to use them for her City Sampler (I own the book). I still plan to do day.
  5. ROAR FQs - bought during a sale with the intention of using for a baby quilt
  6. Indelible FQ bundle

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