Wednesday, December 31, 2014

2014 Finishes

2014 was a really productive year. Unfortunately, I did a terrible job of blogging about them. My goal for 2015 is to write a blog post for every finish, even if the post is nothing more than a photo and title.

Based on the contents of my Instagram and iPhone photo albums, it looks like I made:
  • 3 dresses (all Monetas!)
  • 2 Mabel skirts
  • 6 blouses (Wiksten tank, Tova tank, 2 Sailor tops and 2 Scout tees)
  • 10 Modern Instabee blocks
  • At least three pillows, but almost certainly more.
  • 3-6 mini quilts
  • 2 Nikki totes
  • Numerous mug rugs and coffee cozies
  • 4 quilts and 1 quilt top
This list is definitely incomplete, but I've spent too much time already trying to recall my finishes. Next year, I'll do a better job of keeping track!

I made a video on Flipagram of all the finishes. Enjoy!

A video posted by Lisa (@modern_balabusta) on