Monday, January 30, 2012

Hot Chicks with Power Tools

See this beauty? This is Ana White's Sewing Table for Small Spaces. Ana White's website is AWSOME. If you've never visited it, you really should. She has tons of projects and provides plans for each which include shopping lists, cut lists and step by step instructions (with photos!).

All folded up, this baby will fit snugly under the breakfast bar (which we don't use as such) in the main room of our condo.

My friend Sara (check out her blog here), a woman who has no fear of a jig saw and has built two toddler beds single handedly, has agreed to help me build this.  Now this table isn't meant to actually be sewn on, but if you reinforce the fold out legs and tabletop, you can plop your sewing machine down and be off to the races. Sara assures me that we can figure out how to make this happen.

I am so excited! My own sewing table. It will almost be like having a sewing room! Okay, no it won't, but it's still a dedicated piece of sewing furniture!  We are going to build in on February 8. I promise to talk lots of pictures of our process to share with you. SQUEEEEE!

P.S. The photos above are courtesy of Ana White's website.

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Sunday Stitches

I headed to The Workroom this afternoon, completely forgetting that today was Quilt Sunday! I wish I'd remembered because there were lots of lovely ladies stitching away and I hadn't brought anything to work on. Oh well. I chatted a bit and picked up the stuff I'd gone down for (and a few extras because I have no restraint).

First, could this fabric be any cuter?! No.  It could not. Retro pyrex deliciousness! It's from Michael Miller's Put a Lid on it collection. I don't know what I'll use it for yet, but I think it's asking for fussy cutting, don't you? I also grabbed an FQ of the Tiny Veggies print in lime because I'm a sucker for a lime.

I picked out the final fabrics for my sampler quilt.

Kona avocado on the right will be my sashing and probably my binding as well. The Tula Pink hexagon print in my border print and the zucchini is for the backing. I'm planning on adding bits of all the other prints into the backing, although I haven't decided exactly the manner in which I'll make this happen, for example, a pieced stripe, random blocks or something else entirely.

I also pulled out Levi's Watch Me Grow chart to start embroidering the measurements. I did a lot of counted cross stitch as a child but I don't have any embroidering experience. I decided just to wing it and am using a basic back stitch. My first number doesn't look terrific, but I'm sure I'll improve.

I have two hours of sewing ahead of me and I'm trying to decide what I want to work on. I could quilt some more of my place mats or paper piece some farm blocks. I haven't paper pieced all week so I'm leaning in that direction. What are y'all working on today?

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Chugging Along

After a week of feeling like hell, I'm slowly coming back to health. I'm not healthy, no. But I'm getting there. Having missed my quilt class on Thursday, I had some catching up to do. My instructor was kind enough to send me instructions. We were doing a flying geese block and I'm already comfortable with these so it wasn't difficult to do on my own. Even though I prefer using the no-waste method for flying geese, I decided to follow the instructions in the tutorial she sent. Otherwise I would have had to do math and my brain is still too foggy for that!

I knew I wanted to use Kona blush as my background fabric and I also wanted to use a dash of my sashing fabric since I hadn't used it within the quilt yet. After picking two more prints, I decided to sketch the block out because I was having trouble visualizing how many pieces to cut. Cutting went quickly and I was able to assemble this block in short order. I did a small amount of ripping when I realized that my points were off a tad, but otherwise it was smooth sailing. I LOVE this block. It might be my favourite one of the six.

As I trimmed the edges of my geese, I made HSTs from the clipped corners. I ended up with 16 HSTs and my husband helped me work out an arrangement.

I'm not sure if I'll actually use this block for anything because it's really wonky.  That's one of the problems with using directional prints, the wonkiness really stands out. Also, because I was using trimmings, I'm not 100% sure that my HSTs were all the same size and I didn't bother measuring. It's too bad I was so sloppy because this would have been a lovely block. It's about 8.5". On the other hand, I'm planning a scrappy backing and I might slip this block into it. What do you think? Is it too wonky include? Will it drive me crazy, being the perfectionist that I am?

Here are my six sampler quilt blocks. Next week we sash them!

 I also finished my sixth block for the Sew. Happy. Quilt QAL. I struggled a bit with the quadrants containing the orange triangles. I think my seam allowance was off. Still, the finished product is one I'm happy with.

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Itty Bitty Geese

I missed my sampler quilt class tonight because a) there was no way I could leave the house in my condition and b) no one should be subjected to this flu unless absolutely necessary. This week we were making our flying geese block so I decided to make some flying geese of my own.

My twelve itty bitty geese are 1.5" by 2.5" and will go into three 4" basic sawtooth blocks for my Oh My Stars! quilt. 

I also worked on my Fireflies block for my SHQ. Hopefully I'll be able to finish these four blocks tomorrow before Shabbat starts. Dependent of course on my flu and Levi's cold. Did I mention he is waking up ever hour at night? He's woken twice since we put him down at 7:45. We started at 7:15 and he's usually asleep in minutes but not tonight. Oy.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

WIP Wednesday: The STILL Sick Edition

Seriously, this bout of illness is the gift that keeps on giving. Just when I thought I was over the hump, my throat closed up and the aches came on full force. Despite getting my flu shot, I most definitely have the flu. Being sick with a baby to mind is no fun at all. Especially when said baby is also ill.

Okay, that's enough pity party for today. This afternoon, between naps and cuddles with Levi, I cut the pieces for Fireflies which is the sixth block for the Sew Happy Quilt.  [Oh crap! I just hit publish instead of the photo icon! I really am out of it! Quick! Revert to draft!!!]

Yesterday, prior to coming down with the plague, I spent two and a half hours sewing at The Workroom. Levi was sick and I didn't want our babysitter to take him out of the apartment. I also didn't want to give up my precious sewing time so to The Workroom to I went to sew by the hour! I worked on my Wonky Log Cabin placemats. I only managed to quilt one and half of another. I used painters tape and masking tape to lay out my quilting guide lines and it took a lot longer than I anticipated. I stitched on either side of the painters tape and used a strip of masking tape for the spacing. I chose a coral/salmon pink thread for the quilting.

I also picked up some fat quarters. Remember last week when I mentioned that I loved a particular Central Park design and that I should grab more before it sold out? I was too late. There was only one FQ left. Fearing that the hunter green Jewels print from Outfoxed would soon go the way of the dodo bird, I bought a half metre.

And now, back to bed for me!

WIP status report
Farmer's Wife QAL - no progress this week
Sew. Happy. Quilt. QAL - five completed
We Bee Learning Bee - January block is done
Sampler Quilt class @ The Workroom - five blocks completed
Wonky Log Cabin Placemats - 1.5 of 4 quilted
Levi's Growth Chart - no progress, still need to embroider his height, but otherwise complete
Levi's Bed Quilt - on hold until I settle on a pattern

As always, I'm linking up with WIP Wednesdays at Freshly Pieced and new this week, with the all Canadian Needle and Thread Network.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Seeing Stars

Today will be a very quick update, as I'm feeling under the weather. Despite Levi having a fever and my sore throat, I completed two blocks yesterday for the Oh My Stars! QAL. This quilt is heavy on the HSTs so today I bought Fons & Porter Quarter Inch Seam Marker Rulers which I'm hoping will save me some time. Johanna, my instructor for my quilt class recommended this tool and at first I thought, why bother, but have changed my mind. I'll let you know how I feel after using the rulers.

The first block I made was the 12' pinwheel sawtooth star. My points aren't perfect, but overall I'm pleased with it. I forgot to cut out a bit of my seam allowances after making the first half of my flying geese (as instructed to do in the basic tutorial) so my seams were rather bulky. I'll have to remember this step next time.
Tula Pink and Habitat
The 8" block is the basic sawtooth star. Here's my progress to date. I'm really enjoying this QAL.

I leave you with some adorableness...Levi got into his dad's wallet on the weekend. The photos we took were priceless, but this only is my favourite of the bunch.

PS Check out what others are making at Quilt Story (button on the right).

Monday, January 23, 2012

Tune Me Up, Buttercup!

When was the last time you cleaned your sewing machine? A few days ago I noticed that mine was sounding clunky when stitching. It's a relatively new machine; I bought it this summer. I was aghast at the idea of bringing it in for servicing. That would mean being machineless for weeks! No thank you. Instead, I decided to give her a good cleaning and see if it fixed the problem.

I think I've mentioned before how much I love machines, right? I'm not one of those people who take apart their computers and rebuild them, but I'm not afraid to look under the hood and jiggle things around either. I thought I'd share with you the steps I took to clean my Kenmore (model 385.15758 for those interested).

Before getting started, you are going to want to gather your tools. I have a toothbrush that I keep in my sewing kit for dusting, a smaller brush for spaces the toothbrush can't reach, the screwdriver that came with my machine, oil, a microfibre cloth (which I usually use to clean my glasses) and of course, my machine manual.

The next step, and this is VERY IMPORTANT, is to unplug your machine. Seriously, you guys! Don't forget to do this. Yes, it's annoying not to have the light available, but you can use a flashlight instead.  I forgot to include it in the tool photo, but I used a mini flashlight.

Next you want to remove your presser foot and needle. I also forgot to do that until closer to the end of my process, as you will note from in the next photograph. That was dumb of me. Don't make the same mistake! Finally, remove the needle plate.

Next, take apart your shuttle area. Mine has two pieces that come out, in addition to the bobbin case. I'll point them out to you later when I show you the things that need oiling.

Using your brushes, get into all the nooks and cranies and get rid of those dust bunnies. You can also use the microfibre cloth to wipe areas which allow for it. I used the cloth to clean my bobbin case and my shuttle race.

The third photo on the right is an attempt to show you the space behind the feed dogs which you could easily neglect to dust.  At this point, I mentioned to my husband that it would be useful to have one of those air blower dodads that you use to get dust out of keyboards and computers and such. I think it would be worth investing in one of these for the future.

The next step is to open your face cover. It took me a few seconds to figure out how to do this on my machine. There's a plastic button that you need to jimmy off. This reveals a screw which opened my machine up.

Cool, right? Take a few seconds to admire the machinery and make all the pieces move about and such. In other words, geek out. Done? Okay, let's continue. You want to put a dab of oil on the two joints that move your needle up and down. The photo on the left show mine.

The two other photos are of my shuttle and shuttle race. Put a dab of oil on the centre pin (middle photo) and another dab where the half moon is on the race itself. Don't over oil because it could stain your fabric. I used a little paper towel to wipe off excess oil.

Finally, put everything back together and take your machine for a test drive! I changed out my needle and sewed some scraps together. No more clunking! Hooray!

Do you have a different cleaning routine? I'd love to hear about it in the comments.

I'll be linking up with Tip Me Tuesday tomorrow. Be sure to check out tips from other crafters.

Saturday, January 21, 2012

I Was That Guy

Thursday night I was that guy. You know the one. The guy who shows up to work or class or wherever with a stuffy nose and a cough. The guy who who clearly should have done everyone else a favour and stayed in bed. I try very hard in real life not be that guy. I'm no martyr. As an HR gal, I like to model responsibility and call in sick when I'm unwell. So it was quite unlike me to drag my sorry ass to The Workroom on Thursday night for quilt class. But the thing is, I had to go! We were doing our applique and drunkards path blocks, both of which were new to me. I needed instruction!

Applique is a technique that I've dreaded. Handsewing?! No thank you! One of the reasons I love to sew is the sewing MACHINE. I like power tools. So the idea of having to sew something by hand did not appeal. But guess what? I really liked making this block! Life is just full of surprises, isn't it? Our instructor taught us needle turn applique. There are many different applique techniques; I'd love to hear which one you use in the comments. It took me a while to decide how to lay out this block. We were given five different sized birds to make templates with. I chose the middle size and the smallest size. I think this layout worked well. I'm particularly fond of the background fabric, which is Lawn from Kate Spain's Central Park line. This line is basically sold out at most major online stores, but is still in stock at my LQS. I should probably pick up a yard before it's gone for good. Because we all know how much I need more fabric.

Sewing curves freaks a lot of people out. I learned that the key to doing it well is to use lots of pins. Our instructor had us finger press our pieces in half, and then in half again and then line up the creases when pinning. That would never have occurred to me on my own but made perfect sense. My curves worked out extremely well. I'm not sure I chose the right fabric for this block though. I decided to use four different fabrics, rather than two (most people in the class also chose four). We were told to chose any layout we wanted and were given a handout with about 20 examples. I think I would have had more options if I'd gone traditional and just selected two fabrics. In the end, there were only a couple layouts that looked good and I chose a basic circle for my block.
I'm tempted to make two more squares with the pink centres and perhaps redo the block in a different configuration. I have some time to decide, because we aren't putting the quilt top together for another two weeks.
All five blocks to date
I'm really glad I decided to go to class because I learned so much that I know I wouldn't have figured out on my own. Next week we are making our flying geese blocks. I've made them before, but I'm sure that our instructor will have new tips and tricks for me. I love this class! I hope I didn't get anyone sick!

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

WIP Wednesday: The Sickiepoo Edition

When I am still awake last night at two in the morning, my throat getting increasingly sore, I suspected that today wouldn't be the best day ever. I was right. The only good thing about being up that last was that I finished the book I was reading. I haven't blogged about books very much yet, so you may not be aware that I am a voracious reader. I keep track of my reads on Goodreads (you can find my profile here - I'd love to connect with you!). Last year I read 27 books which is a pretty slow year for me (2010: 42; 2009: 47), but I did have a baby and all. I also got my iPad this year and find that my blog reading has seriously cut into my novel reading time. Anyway, I finished the Marriage Plot by Jeffrey Eugenides and while it wasn't as good as Middlesex, I really liked his portrayal of bipolar disorder and that it was told in three distinct voices.

Okay, on to my quilting antics. I finished two more basic sawtooth starts for the Oh My Stars QAL. They are the middle size, eight inch squares. I used a fabric from my stash that I've been dying to cut into and I'm so happy I did!  It's Wildfield in Cherry from the Wrenly line by Valori Wells and it is divine.

I'm having some trouble with my seam allowances. They measure at 1/4 inch but I still find that I'm a bit off when piecing my rows together. Luckily, fabric stretches a bit so I was still able to line everything up and nothing looks wonky.
I also finished block five for the Sew Happy Quilt QAL. This one used templates which I didn't love. I prefer to either paper piece or use measurements to cut my fabric. That said, it wasn't a big deal and the block was extremely easy to sew up. It worked out great.
Here are all five blocks together. I need to make sure to use that purple fabric in another block because right now that block really looks out of place.

WIP status report
Farmer's Wife QAL - two more blocks completed, six total
Sew. Happy. Quilt. QAL - one block completed, five total
We Bee Learning Bee - January block is done
Sampler Quilt class @ The Workroom - three blocks completed
Wonky Log Cabin Placemats - ready to be quilted!
Levi's Growth Chart - no progress, still need to embroider his height, but otherwise complete
Levi's Bed Quilt - on hold until I settle on a pattern

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Tuesday, January 17, 2012


Shannon over at Hello, my name is Quilt is making a quilt using by 2012's Pantone Colour of the Year, tangerine. She bought the fat quarter bundle from the Fat Quarter Shop (which is delicious), but didn't think it would be quite enough variety or yardage for what she had in mind so she put out a call for help. She requested 2.5, 5, 7.5 or 10 inch squares of orange fabric and she'd send you back corresponding sized fabrics from her stash. I have a bunch of orange hanging out so I decided to join in the fun.  Here are the fabrics on their way to Shannon:

The fabrics from top left: Betty Dear, Orange Leaves; Tiny Gingham, Michael Miller Retro Basics; Pumpkin Spade, Grand Bazaar; Orange Jewels, Outfoxed; random Batik; Puzzle Pieces by Moda; Melon (?), Riley Blake.

I requested purple, greys, browns or blacks in return, because these colours aren't abundant in my stash. So exciting! My very first swap!

Monday, January 16, 2012

Seeing Stars

Levi and I had a very full day today and still I managed to get my first block for the Oh My Stars! QAL completed. I decided to use Kona Charcoal as my background fabric, after seeing a few grey backgrounds in the Flickr group (Dorrylu's blocks were particularly inspiring; she's in three of my QALs so I'm often admiring her work). I needed to go to The Workroom to grab the fabric and I was very disciplined while there. I only picked up an FQ of white and an FQ of Habitat that was on sale. It doesn't even count if it's on sale, right?!

Sheila's tutorial was terrific and taught me an excellent method for flying geese which doesn't waste any fabric! I encourage you to check it out.

Progress shot
This is the Basic Sawtooth block. I made it in the largest size, the 12 inch block. It was fast and easy and looks terrific, if I do say so myself! I plan to make a few more of the basic block in the medium and small sizes.

Oh! Post wouldn't be complete if I didn't share with you a minor incident that occurred at my dear friend Sara's house today. I was loading Levi into his stroller, which I'd left in Sara's open garage when I peeked over and saw this:

Why yes! That is an adult raccoon snuggled into her Bakefits carrier bike, all cuddled up in the blankets and pillows she keeps in there for her kids. It just stared up at me, nonplussed, like "What? You didn't make this comfy bed up specifically for me?!" Sara and I jiggled the bike, hit a stick on the side of the box and yelled at the rodent but it WOULD NOT BUDGE! So we did the only reasonable thing we could do. We left. I have no idea if her visitor was still there when she got home but I'm guessing it was.  I'm sure she'll blog about it shortly.  Please note: raccoons may look cute but they can be vicious and are, you know, rodents. Ewwww!

I'm linking up with Manic Monday on Sew Happy Geek this week.

Sunday, January 15, 2012

A Log Cabin on a Farm Under Stars

My three Wonky Log Cabin place mats have been collecting dust, waiting for me to get my butt in gear and make a fourth.  Along with making this fourth block, I also sashed all four mats. You know what I love about making wonky blocks? There's no pressure to have perfect seam allowances! And your cuts don't have to be bang on either. It's so liberating!

The place mats are now ready to be quilted. I'm trying to decide what colour thread to use for the quilting and what design to use. I'm thinking of using light pink thread and straight line quilting in a diamond pattern. What do you think? The binding will be the same colour as the sashing and back.

I also did a bit of farming today.

This block is number 4, Basket Weave. I actually had to make it twice. The first time I made it I used the templates and pieced it old school, but my seam allowances must have been off because the block came out too small. I felt silly foundation piecing such a simple block, but I did it anyway and was much happier. The block still isn't perfect, because I was trying to use scraps and the yellow ones are a tad off (see the top right corner and the middle left there?). But I know that these will be hidden when I put the quilt top together. See how relaxed and not completely anal I'm being? PROGRESS!

This block is number 6, Big Dipper and I just love it. The floral print is from Cape Ann by Oliver & S and is a current favorite of mine. I can't wait to use it in another block.

You might have noticed a new button over there in my right sidebar. Yes, I succumbed to yet another QAL. Sheila over at Thought and Found is hosting the Oh My Stars! QAL. I haven't decided what exactly I want to do, but it looks like a great skill builder so I'm going to give it a go. I might make a mini quilt or I might just make a bunch of blocks and decide what to do with them later. I'm going to sew from my stash using greens and pinks, since I have so much of it for my Sampler quilt and I know I won't need it all.

So, that was my Sunday. What did you get up to?

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Sampler Style

Thursday night's quilt class was a blast. The other women in the group are lovely. Since we aren't generally able to finish our blocks during class, we have show and tell at the beginning of each session where we "oooh and aaaah" over everyone's work. We seem to have very different tastes, making our blocks quite unique. One woman is doing her quilt entirely in yellow and grey.  Another has a Victorian style, while mine is bright and modern. I've noticed that people approaches to quilting differs. Of course, this should be obvious, but for whatever reason, it surprised me. I am a perfectionist. It bothers me when my pieces are even an eighth of an inch off. I need my seam allowance to be as exact as possible. I'm quick to rip a seam that is the slightest bit wonky. In fact, the instructor accused me of micro-managing my quilt! Eek! Others in the class have almost a slap dash approach. While imperfection makes me batty, others can zip right along without batting an eyelash. Each approach has it's merits, for sure. I'm certainly not proud of my nitpicking. I wish my eye didn't immediately hone in on the tiniest errors, but it does and so fix it I must.

This week we did two blocks, a log cabin and a nine patch. I love my log cabin block! Isn't it fabulous? I feel like this photo doesn't do the colours justice. I particularly like the two inner green fabrics. Both are from Basic Grey Origins line. These came out in the fall of 2010 so I'm not sure how easy it is to find; I might just have to stock up on it while it's still in the store!

I feel okay about my nine patch, but I'm not over the moon about it. The actual nine patches are fabulous, but the two large squares aren't fussy cut to perfection. I tried really hard to centre the graphic but it was difficult and the result isn't to my liking. That said, I think once it's sashed it will look fine in the grand scheme of the quilt.
The fabrics are divine! This block has some Ruby by Bonnie & Camille, Kate Spain's Central Park, Michael Miller's Retro Basics and Tula Pink's Prince Charming.

Here are my three blocks all together. Only three more to go!

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Irresitable: Solstice Stars

I can't help it! This quilt-a-long is just too pretty to resist. I'm going to go for it.

Fresh Lemons Quilts Solstice Stars Series

Who's going to join me in Faith's Solstice Stars Series? You know you wanna!

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

WIP Wednesday: The Pointy Edition

I have been hard at work on my fourth block for my Sew. Happy. Quilt. this evening. Jenna suggested spray starch in her tutorial and I decided to give it a go. I'd asked my quilting instructor during class last week about spray starch in general and she said she only used it occasionally and that it was particularly useful when you have a lot of cuts on the bias.  All I can say is I wish I'd heard of spray starch sooner. This stuff is all kinds of awesome! Having stiffer pieces enabled me to be more accurate as evidenced by the centre of my Pinwheel Block:

I didn't say it was perfect, but it's pretty damn good!
Here's the block in it's entirety:

I enjoyed making this block, but there's a step in the tutorial which I feel shouldn't be necessary. After piecing the quarters (i.e. the three triangles) you need to trim the squares down to 6.5 inches. I feel like there should be a way to cut your original pieces to eliminate this step. The instructions in my sampler class for the churndash block had us cut squares that were 4 and 7/8 inches for our HSTs in order to end up with 4.5 inch squares. I'm hoping that when we do the pinwheel-type block in class I'll learn the measurements to use so that I don't have to do any trimming in the future because it's just annoying and takes extra time. If anyone has suggestions on this, please leave them in the comments!

Last night I finished the other block of the week for the Sew. Happy. Quilt., the Friendship Star. I fussy cut the centre flower and I'm not 100% sold on it, but I don't actively dislike it so it's staying as is.

Here are all four blocks to date for this QAL. This quilt is coming along fabulously, if I do say so myself (and I do!).

I'm off to select fabrics for tomorrow night's class. We're making a Log Cabin block and a Nine Patch. Yay!

WIP status report
Farmer's Wife QAL - four blocks completed
Sew. Happy. Quilt. QAL - four blocks completed
We Bee Learning Bee - Hayley's block and my siggy block are in the mail
Sampler Quilt class @ The Workroom - Frog Prince Churndash completed
Wonky Log Cabin Placemats - no progress, still one block to go
Levi's Growth Chart - no progress, still need to embroider his height, but otherwise complete
Levi's Bed Quilt - on hold until I settle on a pattern

As usual, I'm linking up with WIP Wednesday on Freshly Pieced.

WIP Wednesday at Freshly Pieced

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

DAYCARE! (and more blocks)

Big news! Levi got into daycare yesterday! For those of you who don't live in Toronto, which is most of you, this is huge. HUGE! Daycare spots for the under 18 month set are extremely hard to come by because of the ratio of infant to caregiver and the space requirements (I think they need a dedicated nap room or some such thing). I registered for a few spots when I became pregnant but I'd essentially given up on us getting one ages ago and was resigned to hiring a nanny. I've been busy the last month getting all our ducks in a row in that regard, like, getting a business number so we could legally pay someone and figuring my work schedule and such. Our current babysitter was going to work for us three days a week and I had hired another woman for the other two. I'd also secured for a daycare spot nearby for September when Levi would be 18 months (these spots are easier to come by). Then last week our babysitter told me she could no longer commit to the three days a week for health reasons. I was disappointed, but was grateful that she'd given us so much notice and began to search again.

Yesterday's call was totally out of the blue. I hadn't done any follow-up with any of the daycares I'd registered at because I had assumed there was no chance of our getting in, the wait lists are just that long. So actually getting a spot feels totally surreal. It's like winning the lottery! The timing is perfect and this daycare was totally my first choice. Plus! Our very good friends son goes there and is the exact same age as Levi! Yay!


In other news, I have a few more blocks to share with you. The first is my Frog Prince Churndash, version 2.0 for my Sampler Quilt Class. Isn't he cute? I'm really happy with this block. This is the fourth of fifth block I've made using this Jewels print from Outfoxed. I have it in green, blue, orange and purple and I simply adore it. I think I might have to buy some more of it because I'm almost out of the green and it truly is the perfect tone-on-tone print.

The second block is for my Farmer's Wife Quilt. It's called Autumn Tints, which makes no sense for my particular block since my colour scheme isn't remotely fall-like.
I also finished one of this week's two blocks for the Sew. Happy. Quilt. QAL but I'm going to make to post it until I finish the other.

P.S. Linking up with Fabric Tuesday because, well, it's Tuesday!

Monday, January 9, 2012

NOOOooooooo! There are No Words.

There are not enough curse words in my vocabulary to fully express how extremely pissed off I am at myself at this very moment. 

Exhibit A (and only):

One effed up churndash block!
How did I do this?! Excuse me while I go rip a zillion seams to correct this catastrophe. And yes, I am being melodramatic and yes, I do think it's entirely justified. Hrrumph.