Sunday, January 8, 2012

Flickr Love-In

I've only recently begun using Flickr in earnest for sharing quilt and sewing projects and so far I'm am just thrilled with the experience. The people participating in the same bees and QALs that I've joined are incredibly supportive. It's so much fun to get positive comments about your work! On top of giving me warm fuzzies, it's also extremely motivating and inspirational. People are so talented and seeing how they mix prints and colour is so interesting.

Snowball Block

Woven Block
These two blocks are the week one blocks for the Sew. Happy. Quilt. QAL. I'm extremely pleased with both of them. Jenna's tutorials provided just enough instruction to make piecing these blocks a breeze. I've used a variety of fabrics including Grand Bazaar, Michael Miller Retro Basics, Outfoxed and Kona Solids.

Attic Window
This block is for my Farmer's Wife Quilt. I'm not thrilled with it, but I don't dislike it enough to rip it and make it over. I thought the fabrics would gel together more than they do, in particular, I find the yellow Delovely fabric jarring. I love this print and have been itching to use it, but perhaps this wasn't the right mix. That said, this quilt has 144 blocks, so I'm sure it will work in the overall scheme. I'm continuing to enjoy paper piecing these blocks and am getting faster at it.

And now I leave you with a look at what the rest of my day consists of...laundry! Luckily, Levi is here to help out. He takes his role very seriously, as you can see.
P.S. Have you chimed in on which Churndash block layout you like best of the six I posted yesterday? PLEASE DO! I beg you! I'm still undecided, but am now leaning towards block 1, 5 or 6.


  1. Your blocks look great. You have a great eye for colour combos. Your laundry helper is pretty darn cute too!

  2. oh my favorite is the middle piece! Gorgeous!

  3. I love your snowball and woven blocks - I think I'm going to join in the QAL as well. As for the dodgy Farmers wife block - although you can't judge colours accurately online, it looks great to me. But as you say - it will become just one of many in the big picture. I'm now going to go and check out your last post...