Sunday, January 15, 2012

A Log Cabin on a Farm Under Stars

My three Wonky Log Cabin place mats have been collecting dust, waiting for me to get my butt in gear and make a fourth.  Along with making this fourth block, I also sashed all four mats. You know what I love about making wonky blocks? There's no pressure to have perfect seam allowances! And your cuts don't have to be bang on either. It's so liberating!

The place mats are now ready to be quilted. I'm trying to decide what colour thread to use for the quilting and what design to use. I'm thinking of using light pink thread and straight line quilting in a diamond pattern. What do you think? The binding will be the same colour as the sashing and back.

I also did a bit of farming today.

This block is number 4, Basket Weave. I actually had to make it twice. The first time I made it I used the templates and pieced it old school, but my seam allowances must have been off because the block came out too small. I felt silly foundation piecing such a simple block, but I did it anyway and was much happier. The block still isn't perfect, because I was trying to use scraps and the yellow ones are a tad off (see the top right corner and the middle left there?). But I know that these will be hidden when I put the quilt top together. See how relaxed and not completely anal I'm being? PROGRESS!

This block is number 6, Big Dipper and I just love it. The floral print is from Cape Ann by Oliver & S and is a current favorite of mine. I can't wait to use it in another block.

You might have noticed a new button over there in my right sidebar. Yes, I succumbed to yet another QAL. Sheila over at Thought and Found is hosting the Oh My Stars! QAL. I haven't decided what exactly I want to do, but it looks like a great skill builder so I'm going to give it a go. I might make a mini quilt or I might just make a bunch of blocks and decide what to do with them later. I'm going to sew from my stash using greens and pinks, since I have so much of it for my Sampler quilt and I know I won't need it all.

So, that was my Sunday. What did you get up to?

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  1. Love those wonky log cabins your other blocks are pretty great too!