Monday, January 9, 2012

NOOOooooooo! There are No Words.

There are not enough curse words in my vocabulary to fully express how extremely pissed off I am at myself at this very moment. 

Exhibit A (and only):

One effed up churndash block!
How did I do this?! Excuse me while I go rip a zillion seams to correct this catastrophe. And yes, I am being melodramatic and yes, I do think it's entirely justified. Hrrumph.


  1. aww, what a quirky little bi-directional arrow!

    (sorry, hon. Hope the ripping goes well.)

  2. Welcome to the Frog Club - rippit, rippit :O)

  3. I still think it looks good. Ripping seams is no fun at all!

  4. I agree with mrs. Pickles. I think I would have just left it and made another one. Sometimes mistakes turn out really cool.