Saturday, January 28, 2012

Chugging Along

After a week of feeling like hell, I'm slowly coming back to health. I'm not healthy, no. But I'm getting there. Having missed my quilt class on Thursday, I had some catching up to do. My instructor was kind enough to send me instructions. We were doing a flying geese block and I'm already comfortable with these so it wasn't difficult to do on my own. Even though I prefer using the no-waste method for flying geese, I decided to follow the instructions in the tutorial she sent. Otherwise I would have had to do math and my brain is still too foggy for that!

I knew I wanted to use Kona blush as my background fabric and I also wanted to use a dash of my sashing fabric since I hadn't used it within the quilt yet. After picking two more prints, I decided to sketch the block out because I was having trouble visualizing how many pieces to cut. Cutting went quickly and I was able to assemble this block in short order. I did a small amount of ripping when I realized that my points were off a tad, but otherwise it was smooth sailing. I LOVE this block. It might be my favourite one of the six.

As I trimmed the edges of my geese, I made HSTs from the clipped corners. I ended up with 16 HSTs and my husband helped me work out an arrangement.

I'm not sure if I'll actually use this block for anything because it's really wonky.  That's one of the problems with using directional prints, the wonkiness really stands out. Also, because I was using trimmings, I'm not 100% sure that my HSTs were all the same size and I didn't bother measuring. It's too bad I was so sloppy because this would have been a lovely block. It's about 8.5". On the other hand, I'm planning a scrappy backing and I might slip this block into it. What do you think? Is it too wonky include? Will it drive me crazy, being the perfectionist that I am?

Here are my six sampler quilt blocks. Next week we sash them!

 I also finished my sixth block for the Sew. Happy. Quilt QAL. I struggled a bit with the quadrants containing the orange triangles. I think my seam allowance was off. Still, the finished product is one I'm happy with.


  1. Oh my golly! All of your blocks look fantastic (love the colors) but that might be my favorite flying geese block in the history of flying geese!! LOVE IT!!

  2. wow really great blocks. I love the flying geese and normal i don't care for the look of them!

  3. Love all your blocks for the QAL and from your class.

  4. Your blocks are stunning! I love the one you made with your scraps - very cute!