Saturday, April 21, 2012

When One Becomes Four

Today was the spring City of Craft, an indi juried craft sale and this season it was held in my 'hood which meant I had to go.  Check out the LookBook to get an idea of the vendors. Karyn sent an email to The Workroom news list alerting us that they would be selling half pound Assorted Scrap Bundles for the first time ever. There were only going to be a hundred of them so I knew I needed to get there early. I bundled Levi into the Ergo and arrived right at the show was opening. I intended to buy one bundle.

I got four. Oops. They were too delicious to resist. Plus, they contain over four years of bolt ends and scraps from fabric lines gone by. It will be years before The Workroom has enough scraps to do this again! My bundles did not disappoint! The top left one is full of pretty pinks and the bottom right is oranges. The turquoise ones will be great for my Farmer's Wife Sampler quilt. In fact, I cut into one of the scraps already (on the left, below). 

I've decided to give hand piecing a try. I don't really like using templates to cut fabric, which is why all of my Farmer's Wife blocks have been paper pieced, but I decided to put aside my reservations and make an attempt. These triangles are going to be block #11, Broken Dishes.  I finished up block #12 and I love it. FMS blocks are so addictive!

I picked up a cute needle book and pin cushion from Needlebook at the craft show. I know I could make these myself, but they were too adorable to resist.

I hope your day was as lovely as mine was!


  1. I love scrap packs! It looks like you got a great selection!

  2. It was so nice to meet you and Levi on Saturday...and I can see that you made the most of C of C :) Great work on the hand-pieced FW block!