Saturday, April 28, 2012

Open Toe Perfection

Usually when I use the phrase "open toe" I'm talking about shoes. I do love me some shoes, just ask my colleagues. But today's post isn't about shoes.  No, I'm talking about presser feet.  I've been on the look out for an open toe walking foot for my sewing machine for a while now. I used one at The Workroom and found it so much easier to quilt with because you can really see what you're doing. Alas, I've had zero luck finding an open toe walking foot for my Kenmore. I'm thinking I might need to special order a Janome one, if only I can find the exact one I need to fit my machine (Kenmore's are made by Janome and the accessories are interchangeable from what I understand).

So, I was on Queen street today and decided to pop in to the World Sewing Centre. On a whim I checked out the presser foot selection and noticed a Janome open toe foot. It's not a walking foot but I figured an open toe would be great for piecing too. When I asked the name of the foot I learned it was a quarter foot. I already have a quarter inch foot, but mine is the kind with the little metal strip at the edge and I've never really liked it.  With the open toe foot, you are meant to line your seam up with the edge of the foot to get a scant quarter inch seam.

After sewing with this foot for a couple hours tonight I can honestly say that my seams have never been this accurate. I think I'm in love!


  1. Unfortunately the side guide on the other style of 1/4 inch foot has a tendency to move... if you were to measure the space between the needle and the guide, chances are, it would no longer be it's original accurate measurement!

  2. I have challenges getting my 1/4" perfect all the time. Still working on it! I do love my open toe foot though. It's great for applique and I use it for half square triangles where you draw the line on the back of the fabric.