Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Sewing Summit 2012! I'm IN!

Sewing Summit, here I come! It would be difficult to overstate just how totally excited I am to be going to this sewing and blogging conference this coming October.  Did you hear that it sold out in less than twelve hours? Apparently they were 100 registrants in the first MINUTE. AND I WAS ONE OF THEM!!!  In fact, I was one of the first 50 and snagged one of the $50 off tickets. W00t!

I suspected that tickets might go quickly, so I planned ahead. I set an alarm in Outlook for 15 minutes before registration started. When the alarm went off I headed straight to the registration page. At t-minus three minutes I started refreshing the page. I panicked when I got a message about there being too many people trying to access the server.  Luckily, a few refreshes later I was IN. Yay!

The google group, flickr group and blogs are already full of sewists getting to know each other and sharing excitement about the summit.  

Anyone else going? And are you as stoked as I am?


  1. I'm going too! I'm excited to meet everyone in real life!! Is it October yet?

  2. Yes! I was also one of the ones refreshing when the time to buy a ticket came up! I set an alarm too. LOL