Monday, April 9, 2012

Ottawa Goodies

What's a trip out of town without visiting a new (to me) fabric shop, right? Last time I was in Ottawa, I wanted to check out The Running Stitch, but it was closed between xmas and New Years. This time around I was determined to stop by and I'm so glad I did. This is one fantastic quilt shop! In fact, of the three I visited in Ottawa, The Running Stitch is far and away the best of the bunch. They have a huge stock of fabric, more notions than I have ever seen in one place and threads galore.

I've read about Thangles on a few blogs and wanted to try them out, so I was thrilled to find them in stock. They only had BIG Thangles but that's okay. I'll let you know how they work out.

I chose two variegated Sulky Blendable threads. The first is Moss Medley and the other is Summer Garden. I like using variegated threads for quilting and one of these is destined for my Sew Happy Quilt.

I have a pet peeve to share with you and it's one that I realized is unavoidable. I hate when I buy a fat quarter and there isn't a selvedge with the fabric line printed on it.  Often I know the line, but not always. The Workroom shows the names of the fabrics you buy on their receipts, which is awesome and much appreciated. They even have the information saved in their computer system so you can go back weeks or months later and they can look up what you bought! Unfortunately, my receipt from The Running Stitch only says FQ (8 @ $4.25). Bummer.

Maybe you can help me out? Do you know the name of the fabric in the top row, second from the right? And also the bottom row, the lime green one with white rings? I know what all the others are, but not those two. I particularly want to know what the one with pink roses is because I bought it especially for my April We Bee Learning block and I like to be able to tell people what I've used in the blocks I send out. Thanks all!

UPDATE! I found the pink fabric! It's from Art Gallery's Dreaming in French line and it's called Fresh Romance. I had a hunch it would be an Art Gallery print. I'm so often drawn to their designs.

UPDATE 2: The green fabric is from the Metro Living line by Robert Kaufman. It's listed as chartreuse.