Sunday, April 29, 2012

Vintage Sunday

It was a beautiful Sunday here in Toronto and my husband was itching to get outside so off we went on a family outing. We were planning to explore the Distillery district but the King streetcar took so long, we decided to get off near St. Lawrence market instead and I am SO glad we did.

My first stop was at Jan's lovely tables. Jan runs an Etsy shop called Fabrique Fantastique and blogs at A Passion for Vintage Textiles.

Her tables were full of vintage quilty goodness. There were vintage quilts, flimsies (quilt tops) and yardage.

I selected a lovely vintage floral print.  Three whole yards of it! I think it is destined to be the back of my Flora HST Quilt.

Later on, I happened upon a duvet cover and two pillow cases that someone was selling for only three dollars. Three dollars? SOLD! The pillow cases aren't in good shape but the duvet cover is lovely. I'm going to separate the layers and use it for quilt backs. Check it the pretty floral print.

My final stop was a sweet shop called Ephemera Too. It looks like it's a permanent shop and it's located in the north building.  There were stacks of vintage fabric, as well as finished vintage textiles like napkins, sheets, quilts and so forth.

I've been looking for a new table cloth and when I saw this print I thought it was just perfect.  My husband diplomatically commented that it "wasn't to his taste" but I didn't let that stop me. The piece is more than two yards and I think if I add a strip of natural linen along each width, it will be fantastic. 


I also got this black and white Waverly cotton piece. One of the great things about markets is that you can bargain with sellers. The kitchen print was a bit pricey at $25, while the Waverly print was only $8. I asked the seller if I could get both for $25 and she agreed. Score!

Now, if that isn't an excellent Sunday afternoon, I don't know what is.