Wednesday, February 29, 2012

WIP Wednesday: The 'Isn't She Lovely' Edition

Not only have I officially survived my first week back at work, but I have a finish to share with you!  My Matriochka Doll Mini Quilt is done and I LOVE her!

I tried free motion quilting for the second time ever on this mini quilt and it was not without issue. I wanted to quilt bubbles. This led to a heck of a lot of thread ends to cut - two for each circle! I wonder if there is a way to avoid this? I feel like there should be but I have no idea what it might be!

Tension was also a problem. I tried to adjust it without success. I used a different colour thread for the bobbin in order to match the backing fabric and this made the tension issues quite apparent. I'm not too proud to show you the back.

If you click the image to make it larger, you will see that the blue thread is showing on the yellow side. I couldn't fix this, although I tried a number of different tension settings. I think my starter Kenmore just isn't made for FMQ. Luckily, this particular quilt is a wall hanging so no one is going to see the back!

I decided to draw on the face rather than embroider it. My hand sewing skills just aren't that good and I wanted this quilt finished and hanging in my office quickly.  I think her face is very pretty. I used nail polish for her lips and cheeks.

Other than finishing this quilt (tonight!) the only sewing I got done this week was continuing to hand sew the binding for my sampler quilt. It's taking forever! I really hope to finish it up this week, but my weekend is jam packed so who knows if I'll find time for it.

And now...for my weekly status report:

WIP status report
Farmer's Wife QAL - no progress
Sew. Happy. Quilt. QAL - no progress - nine completed, I'm now TWO WEEKS BEHIND! Eek!
We Bee Learning Bee - March block was just posted but I haven't given it any thought yet.
Sampler Quilt class @ The Workroom - binding is in progress
Wonky Log Cabin Placemats - no progress - 2.5 of 4 quilted
Levi's Growth Chart - no progress, but embroidering is halfway done!
Levi's Bed Quilt - on hold until I settle on a pattern
3 x 6 Bee - no progress but I've cut the pieces for half the blocks
Office Matriochka Mini Quilt - DONE AS DINNER! Hooray!

As always, I'm linking up with WIP Wednesdays at Freshly Pieced and the Canadian Needle and Thread Network. Do take the time to check out what my talented internet friends are working on. There's so much inspiration just waiting for you!

EDITED to add link to TGIFF, my first Friday Finish!


  1. I want a pink one!! :)
    She's beautiful!!!!!

  2. what a fun little quilt... as to tension, it always is a test of patience when you use different threads and the fabric thickness changes -- remember to have your presser foot down, when you adjust tension... It seems to make adjustments better and play with the tension on a layered scrap til you get it right for the actual quilt.

  3. When I've seen bubbles in the past they're usually connected, so that there's no cutting and starting over again and again. It's a slightly different look, but it's a thought. Congrats on making it through work. That's a rough transition sometimes. Your quilt is seriously adorable.

  4. Oh wow, she's awesome! (you're awesome!)

  5. Congratulations on finishing this quilt on your first week back at work.
    I've learned to decide the colour of my quilt thread before choosing my backing in a like colour, or to ignore the back.
    As for the bubbles, go round more than once until you arrive at the place where you want to place the next bubble - uses incredible amounts of thread and is terribly addicting.....

  6. great work she is just so cute!

  7. That is so adorable, Lisa! The detail on her face is fantastic. How do you get such a steady hand? When you finish it, why don't you link it up to TGIFF!? It's at Quokka Quilts this week and at my blog next week. Congrats on the first week back!

  8. That is gorgeous! The quilting looks great too! Thanks for linking up!

  9. She's lovely! I found your post by chance and was happy as I am the creator of this pattern. Do you mind if I post your matryoshka on my blog? I publish some of my customer's projects done with my pattern and I love yours! And if you are interested in winning some other block patterns, just have a look at my blog, as I run my first giveaway!
    Happy easter!

    1. Hi Cyrille,

      Thank you!!! I thought I'd uploaded the finished quilt to my Etsy comment, but I guess not. I LOVED your pattern. Yes please post on your blog. I'd be honoured!

      Thanks for telling about your giveaway!