Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Behold the Cuteness

Isn't she lovely? She still needs her face embroidered on, of course, and then to be quilted and bound, but I'm just tickled pink at how well this mini is turning out! It was definitely the right choice to start again and use primary colours. It was so fun to make I'm tempted to keep going and make a larger wall hanging with maybe four blocks. Maybe one day but for now I want to finish this girl up over the weekend and get her hanging in my office.

I'm terrible at drawing so I'm waiting to enlarge the photo from the pattern and trace her face. I guess that's a benefit of returning to work: easy access to a photocopier (not that I advocate photocopying on your employer's dime - we have expense accounts)!

I'm linking up with Fabric Tuesday today (see my sidebar for the link).

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