Monday, February 20, 2012

Matriochka Doll Take Two

When I saw the beautiful paper pieced Matriochka doll that Heather of alamode made last week, I knew that this would make the perfect mini quilt to hang in my office. I want to have something on the wall at work that will remind me of my maternity leave and all of the creative endeavours I accomplished. My parents have two sets of these traditional Russian nesting dolls. One set depicts a peasant woman and the other is a bourgeois woman. My father traveled a lot for work when we were younger and I believe that both sets were purchased during trips to Moscow.

I bought the pattern on Friday and Levi and I went to Kinkos today to enlarge it to a 12x12 block. I started piecing the block this afternoon.  After finishing the third of five parts, I realized that I'd chosen a focal fabric that was mainly white and that it wasn't really standing out because I was also using white as my background. I also hadn't paid close enough attention to directional prints.  I hemmed and hawed...should I keep going to start again?

It should come as no surprise that I decided to start again. Perfectionist much?  I'm using more traditional colours for this version of my Russian stacking doll. My new plan used a midnight blue background, red scarf, green dress and yellow coat. I hope to finish it by end of day tomorrow.


It's Family Day here in Ontario, which meant that Kivi was home from work and Levi wasn't at daycare. Kivi had some work to do so he set up a barricade to try and keep Levi out of the den.

This box is full of CDs and too heavy for Levi to move out of the way.

Levi wasn't thrilled. Until Mommy came over to play with him, that is.  Hooray!

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