Wednesday, January 23, 2013

WIP Wednesday: The Rrrrrrrrrip Edition

Tonight just isn't my night. My plan was to complete my Bungle Jungle Wonky Star quilt top. I had eight pieces to join.  Last night I'd carefully arranged them which right sides facing. I was tired, too tired to take the time to pin, so instead I lay those pieces so that all the seams that needed sewing were on the same side (the left) and I put a pin in to remind me, "these are the seams to be sewn!" I thought I was paying close attention. I was wrong.
Enter my seam ripper. I had to rip out all by two of the seams I sewed tonight. I really bungled this up (see what I did there? Bungled my Bungle Jungle? Tee hee).

So much for finishing my quilt top. Luckily, I have until my self-imposed deadline of January 31st to finish it up and qualify for this months A Lovely Year of Finishes link-up.

In other news, I'm considering joining in on the 3x6 mini bee this quarter. I'd decided not to make too many commitments in 2013, what with expecting a baby mid-year, but I do need another six blocks to round out my plum and chartreuse sampler quilt. I think I can find time to make six blocks in the next three months. I mean, of course I can! I should just do it right?

Here's where things stand in my world:

On Deck
Triple Zipalong Pouch - fabric chosen, zippers purchased and the zip-along begins on the 28th.

In Progress

Bungle Jungle baby quilt -
see above
Hedgies & Hexies block - working away at it here and there
Farmer's Wife QAL - no new progress
Lucky Stars BOM - waiting for February's quilt block
Snowy Sparkly knit hat - knitting a round here and there

Hibernating projects

Curious Nature quilt - no progress
Sew Intertwined quilt -no progress
Flora Charm Quilt - no progress
Levi's Growth Chart - no progress
NY Beauty QAL - no progress
We Bee Learning Bee/Levi's Bed Quilt - No progress

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  1. Sorry for the wasted effort! On the bright side, this is going to be beautiful when it's done.

  2. Awwwwww :( I'm sorry you had to rip out so much. It's such a pain when stuff like that happens!!!
    You have tons of things on your 2013 to-do! You can do it!!!!

  3. It's hard not to throw the quilt in a corner and let it chill for a while after that. Way to jump right on it, that way you WILL finish it. Congratulations on your incoming family member.

  4. We do have some of those days when we have to stich rip :(, but we do learn as we go and I guess, needles are mandatory? :). Everyone seems to be doing that we need an invitation or can we go along with it. I just finished making a bag so I am motivated. I like how you are motivated with your personal deadlines!

  5. Hi Lisa,

    it's Rebecca - you're quilt sampler friend :) Congrats on the amazing news! How exciting!
    I was wondering if you can recommend any bee's - i'm interested in doing one but don't really know where to start...