Thursday, January 3, 2013

Lucky Stars Quandry

You guys, I'm really struggling with my fabric choice for the Lucky Stars Block of the Month (read about it here). My initial thought was to use my stash of Liberty of London's Bloomsbury Garden fabrics.

Looking at these fabrics again, I realized that I don't have a great variety of colour here. I have lots of turquoise, a good number of prints in the brown colourway, a couple reds and a few navy prints. But as a group, can they all go together? The brown sticks out like a sore thumb. Taking those out of the mix, I'm still uneven. I needed more red and navy fabrics so I took to the internet and found five additional prints at Pink Castle Fabric which I quickly ordered. But even with them, does this make a cohesive colour group? Is it too much blue?Gah!  I'd use various cream/white Kona solids for the background.

Getting more and more frustrated, I turned to my stash. I have a layer cake of Mama Said Sew by Sweetwater, which would work. I'd again use various whites for background. I like the fabric line a lot and don't have anything picked out to make with it yet, but it doesn't really excite me for this BOM project.

So, dear readers, please help me out. What do you think of the two options? What would you use if you were me? 


  1. I'd go with the liberty. The photo looks great with all of them together so they should go well in the blocks. The turquoise-y ones might work great as background as they go beautifully with navy, red AND brown and might help you separate any fabrics that don't play so well with each other individually. It'll have a very comfy-cottagy feel to it, so if you love it, trust your instincts!

  2. I vote for Liberty too. Your colour wheel is heavy in turquoise, but you are not going to include all of those fabrics in just one block. Try laying out a few of the fabrics out to represent where the colours will fall in a sample block, trying to imitate the colour balance. I'm sure it will work out great.