Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Obsessed Much?

So, I might possibly, kinda, sorta be obsessed with my Lucky Stars BOM quilt and the Bloomsbury Garden fabric I selected. Shocking, I know! I've only written four blog posts in a row about it. Boring, right? Regardless, here's yet another post for your reading pleasure.

After worrying about not having enough fabrics in red and navy, I went shopping for more. Pink Castle Fabrics had what was left of their stock on sale. Sweet! I generally try not to order from the States, because shipping can get expensive (and occasionally I get hit with customs charges which sucks), but this time I just went for it.  Here's the happy mail I received today:
My fabric selection now looks like this.
I wish I had a few more prints in the navy range, but this is all I could find (and might be all there were in the line actually). Still, the turquoise no longer dominates as much so overall I'm pleased.

Now, if only the February block would come! I might have to resort to making the practice block, which looks so fussy and isn't needed for the layout I've selected.

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