Saturday, May 5, 2012

What to Get a Quilter for Her Birthday

Is there any question really?

Some people don't like to give or receive gift certificates because statistics show that they often go unused. Alternatively, they do get used, but the person using them ends up spending much more than the amount of the gift certificate and some gift givers (and receivers) find this problematic. 

Personally, I LOVE getting gift certificates to my favourite stores. My family knows this well. My husband has twice come home with a gift card to Sephora to lift my spirits (well played, my love, well played).

My 34th birthday was last week. Surprised to see me state my age so blatantly? I had a friend ask me if I was turning 29 again like she does every year, to which I replied, "no way!" I love getting older. I have found that with every year that passes, I become happier, healthier and more comfortable in my skin.

But back to the topic at hand. My sister is pretty much the only adult I exchange birthday gifts with, except my husband. I broached the idea of giving up the gift exchange with her now that we have children but, since I'm also the only other birthday gift she gets besides one from her husband, she wanted to keep it going which was fine by me. I should mention that our parents get us birthday presents too. You know, just in case Mom reads this and thinks I don't appreciate it (I do, Mom! I loved this years gift! Thanks so much!).

Anyway, last year my sister got me a g/c to the iTunes store which was PERFECT because my husband had just bought me an iPad (yes, I do realize that he spoils me and yes, I am extremely appreciative). This year, my sister got me a gift certificate to The Workroom which is my favourite place in Toronto.  One of the best things about spending this g/c is that I only overspent it by $3.52. That's probably a record for me!  Here is my bounty of awesomeness:

I got two yards of Essex linen/cotton blend in PDF Bleach White that's destined for a table cloth (using the yummy vintage print I shared last weekend). Those are two fat quarters from the Cocoon line by Free Spirit. Aren't they phenomenal? I picked up Johanna Masko's houses mini quilt pattern.  And finally, a refill of Mary Ellen's Best Press because I'm running low.

That my friends, is what to get *this* quilter for her birthday. Thanks sis!


  1. Happy Belated Birthday! I'm not afraid to state my age either. Life does just keep getting better and better!

  2. Happy Birthday! Great finds - I love those butterflies! I'm with you on the gift cards too. Love them!!