Sunday, May 6, 2012

Snort, Sniff, Snuffle, etc.

The pox upon our house continues. Levi is no longer feverish (hooray!) but still has a wet cough, drippy nose, and oh yeah, he's teething his bottom molars (and therefore miserable and no asleep at 10:30 p.m. on a Sunday night). My husband's bronchitis is improving slowing. My nasty cold remains nasty. And tomorrow is Monday. Having been home with a sick baby on Thursday and being sick myself on Friday, my plate will be full when I get to the office tomorrow. I'd hoped I'd be feeling well and ready to tackle the week. I am not well, but to work I must go.

I managed to get a little sewing done this weekend between kleenex blows. The May host for my We Bee Learning bee picked a block called Antique Tile in red, white and black. The tutorial she pointed us to was amazing!  The blog is called Modify Tradition and has a number of tutorials for traditional quilt blocks. It is definitely worth checking out. This tutorial made putting this block together fast and easy. Here's my finished block:

I thought I'd also share with you the blocks I collected during my first quarter of the 3 x 6 mini bee I participated in. My colours were chartreuse and plum on a grey background.  This is the inspiration mosaic I put together:

I learned that my chartreuse is another person's lime. Fair enough. For the second round of this bee I specified that I was looking for a yellowish-green chartreuse. I also learned that plum to some is pinkish versus purpleish so for round two I asked for plum or eggplant purple.  This isn't to say I don't like the blocks I received though. They are great! Part of participating in bees and swaps is being open to receiving blocks that are different than you'd make yourself. I love sharing work with other quilters. It's a blast!

I received six but I only have five to show for it. One of the blocks disappeared into the black hole that is our apartment. I have no idea where it is. It's a hazard of living with a baby in motion. Anyway, enough preamble: here are my blocks (the one on the bottom left is the one I made myself):


And now, to bed with my sick self. I apologize for typos. I'm too bagged to proofread tonight. 

P.S. I'm going to link up with Jenna's linky party this week, just for fun. Go say hi to her and the others participating in Manic Monday.
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  1. I love the colors of your 3x6, it's going to be great. Hope everyone is feeling better soon. Happy Manic Monday.

  2. love your colour choices - chatreuse is a personal fave of mine too.

  3. The chartreuse, magenta, and purple look smashing together. :) Your bee mates did a lovely job.