Tuesday, May 22, 2012

If I Knew Then What I Know Now...

Last July, when I purchased my sewing machine, I had no idea that I would become hooked on quilting.  I figured all I needed was a basic, entry level sewing machine so that I could learn to sew bags, hem my own pants and maybe make some cute pajama pants for Levi. I went the easy route; I went to Sears. I didn't buy the least expensive machine. I bought the SECOND cheapest machine instead. It's a Kenmore 17 stitch, one step button-holer and it is... adequate.

Yes, it sews in a straight line, it's easy to thread and it's light. But honestly? It really isn't cutting it for me. I've noticed that it skips stitches every so often. I can't adjust the stitch speed. I can only move the needle position to the right to a set place. The throat is super small. It gets clogged up really quickly with lint and when that happens it gets LOUD! (Yes, I clean it often and oil it too).

Sure, my walking foot allows me to quilt okay, but FMQ? Not so much. It's possible...but man do I want a stitch regulator! Tension issues abound.  And I keep reading about dual feed. WANT x1000! I do have a number of cool presser feet, like my open toe quarter foot (LOVE!), but can I find an open toe quilting foot? No, I can not.

So you see, there was a good reason for my asking entrants for my giveaway to tell me what machine they sew on and why they love their sewing machine (psst - it's an awesome prize so be sure to enter). It's research! With over 155 comments so far, I'm getting a ton of opinions.

Now if only I could find a way to rationalize needing a new machine when my current one is less than a year old....

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