Thursday, May 17, 2012

For the Men in Your Life

I'm not sure how I let this happen (ha ha) but I have joined yet another swap. Monica blogs at Button Counter and she is hosting her first swap. Instead of five inch charms, we're swapping ten inch squares.

The theme is Manly Man Man. Okay, I just made that up. But what we're going for with this swap is muddy earth tones. Masculine vs feminine.

I'm swapping this print from Curious Nature by Parson Gray

There are 32 spots in this swap and as of today I think there are about ten left so come on over and join us. The details are on Monica's blog and also in our Flickr group.  The send by date is June 15. Monica is requesting no international swappers because it's her first go around, BUT, she what okay with my participating and as y'all know, I'm in Canada. So if you want to join in and you're also a Canuck, give her a shout.

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