Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Bits and Bobs, and Princess Lego

I don't have anything much to share today, but it's been almost a week since my last post and that just feels wrong somehow. So here's a bunch of random stuff that went down in the last week.
  1. Levi is once again terrified of the bath. We can't figure it out. It's like a switch flips and all of a sudden, out of nowhere, the bath is his nemesis. Last time this happened buying new bath toys was all it took to entice him back into the tub. Alas, I bought some new toys yesterday to no avail. Levi is decidedly anti-bath. I'm praying the flip switches again soon because trying to bathe a screeching baby is the opposite of fun.
  2. The daycare ladies told us that when Levi finished his bottle today he said "all done." This is both terribly exciting and slightly devastating.  Did I really just miss my child's first words? Seriously?! NO FAIR! He won't utter a word for us at home, just a whole lot of "ya ya ya" and "leeder leeder leeder" at random times. But for his beloved ladies he'll say "all done?"  I'm sure he'll walk for them soon too! These are the times when being a working mom sucks.
  3. Are you a volunteer? Have you ever noticed that people who do volunteer work end up doing a LOT of volunteer work? It's like word gets out that you are a do-er and the requests just start rolling in. I spent Sunday night at a board meeting and last night at a committee meeting which went until 11:00 p.m. which is ridiculous. I'm committed to the work I'm doing and I adore the individuals working alongside with me, but it can be exhausting. Did I mention that I'm contemplating joining an additional board of directors? I'm trying to talk myself out of it, but at the same time, I know the contribution I could make is desperately needed. My grandparents and parents were all community leaders (in our synagogue) so I come by it honestly. Perhaps you can talk me out of taking on yet another commitment? Please?
  4. I remain camera-less. Remember how I dropped it and the lens bent all crooked? Yeah. It turns out that the extended warranty doesn't cover damage due to being a total klutz. What good is that?! I've sent it away to be assessed and we'll see what they quote me to get it fixed. The camera was only about $150 so it might end up making sense just to replace the damn thing which is irritating because again, KLUTZ!
  5. I bought princess Lego. Have I mentioned that I have a women's studies degree, am a card carrying feminist, and am very much against the princess culture permeating our young girls' lives these days? Here's the thing though: our very good friends have a five year old son and a couple weeks ago over lunch I was talking about how I'd tried to buy Levi some of the big Lego (the kind for the younger kids) but they only had the princess themed stuff. So E asks if I'd gotten it and I said I hadn't. Then he told me that he would like to play with princess Lego and could I get it so that when he came to our house he could play with it? I told him I'd think about it and assumed he'd forget about it.  Nope. This weekend at shul (the yiddish word for a Jewish place of worship - think church, but Jewy) E asked me if I'd gotten the princess Lego yet. I said not yet and he said "maybe you'll get it tomorrow and then I can come over and play with it?" Come on you guys, who can resist that?! 

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  1. you sound very busy! Its hard to say no when you know you are needed, but you have to do what is best for you and your family. I'm no help hey...lol