Sunday, May 26, 2013


I have lost all ability to focus on any one thing for any length of time and it's driving me crazy! It's taken me four days to write a series of cheques for my employer health benefits (for while I'm on leave) and I still need to address the envelope and mail them off. I bought ingredients for a lochen kugel last week that I only got around to making this afternoon. I should totally make applying for my EI benefits (Canadian maternity leave) a priority and yet have I even started re-familiarizing myself with the process? No, I have not. This must be an end of pregnancy thing right? Because I'm generally a get 'er done person, at least in my non-sewing endeavors.

Sewing-wise, I do tend to have start-er-itis, which results in lots of works in progress. I'm even more guilty of this lately, which is ridiculous because, you know, I'm about to have a newborn to look after! I think I mentioned that I've been working on a jersey knit dress? Oh my, I haven't blogged about this yet! Okay, well, I decided to make a dress and I've never sewn with knits before and I can't say it's been enjoyable. As a result, it's been a drawn out process and I'm not even sure it's going to fit properly. Ugh.  I'll write a dedicated blog post about this dress, but here's a sneak peak (and yes, that's ice cream, helping me out in my time of need):
Rather than focusing on finishing this dress, y'all know about the many double-sided receiving blankets I've stitched up the past couple days. And the Farmer's Wife Sampler blocks that I've been chipping away at...  You'd think these various projects would be enough to capture my attention, but you would be wrong. I'm also marinating on the following:
  1. The Staple Dress - I've bought the pattern and I have the fabric (purchased ages ago thinking I'd make a Wiksten tank dress). I wanted to make this right away but realized it would be better to wait until I could measure my waistline accurately, which is to say, after baby is born.
  2. April & May Lucky Stars BOM - I've fallen behind on these blocks. For some reason, the Liberty prints I chose for this quilt aren't speaking to me so I keep putting the blocks off. I've chosen fabric for the May block though and keep thinking about stitching it up, but then I get distracted by something else.
  3. Tula Quilt - I had planned to make a quilt for the baby, remember? Cutting all the fabric was my April goal for the A Lovely Year of Finishes. Didn't happen. Yesterday I got it in my head that I could make the quilt top before the baby arrives. I started cutting last night. But I'm not feeling it tonight, so yeah. Probably not going to get done.
  4. Tula's City Sampler QAL - Because I totally need yet another quilt-a-long that I won't keep up with right? And yet. I LOVE Tula Pink and I love her new book and Sara of Sew Sweetness is hosting the QAL and it's only three 6 inch blocks a week and I've been part of a 10 inch charm swap of Tula prints so I have a ton on hand which would be so fun to use for this quilt and, and, and... Well, resistance is futile.
    Sew Sweetness

There's also the fabric I bought to make another Swingset tunic for the baby with, my 3x6 blocks to sash and make into a quilt top, and several hibernating WIPs that I can't even begin to list.

Does anyone else out there struggle to maintain focus? When is too much, too much? And most importantly, what should I tackle tonight?


  1. Lack of focus? yep. I hear that. Sometimes, it's all over-whelming, too. Focus on the project that will make you the happiest as opposed to what's the best use of your time tonight. Tomorrow you can deal with paperwork. ;-)

    Although, now, I'm realizing that you've probably finished as it's 11pm there? lol. Oops. Hope you enjoyed your evening.

  2. Lisa you can totally do it! We believe in you!

  3. You are cracking me up!!! It's ok to rest and be unfocused AND eat ice cream =D

    Don't forget about the paperwork though. That part sounds important :)