Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Pregnancy Sewing Set-Up

I become green with envy when I see pictures of other sewing bloggers' sewing studios. I dream having a dedicated sewing space. I'm not greedy: even a corner of a room when I could leave my sewing machine all set up and my project du jour laid out would be grand. Alas, this dream will not come to fruition in my near future. We are a soon-to-be family of four living in under 1000 square feet (quite comfortably!) and my dining room table does double duty as my sewing space (remind me to show you my fabric and sewing storage unit one day soon - it's awesome!).

I've been trying to stay off my feet the past few days, in an effort to keep baby-girl-to-be from coming too early. I don't know why it never occurred to me before that my ironing board could be lowered down enough to allow me to press seams while seated, but it took being 37 weeks pregnant for me to come to this realization. Behold, my fancy new sewing set up:
I think I'll be keeping my ironing board at this height from now on. It's just so convenient! Oh course, if I need to do any cutting or trimming, this arrangement won't work. My cutting mat would need to be on the other side of the table and I'd be forced to, you know, stand up (the horror!). But this works just perfectly for sewing up my Farmer's Wife blocks. Here's what I accomplished yesterday:
 #31 - Evening Star. I love this Joel Dewberry print from Notting Hill.

#17 - Cats & Mice. This block was really tricky because of all the tiny little pieces. I tried so hard to maintain accurate seam allowances and starched my pieces to avoid stretching but, even so, the block came out wonky and I lost corners. This is a block that I should have paper pieced. I may redo it, although my Instagram friends pointed out that in the grand scheme of the quilt, the cut off corners won't be noticeable.

Oh! Yes, I drank the washi tape kool-aid!  Isn't it grand?! There was a fabulous selection at The Paper Place on Queen Street West here in Toronto and I had a really tough time narrowing my choices. I ended up buying way more than necessary. Oops!


  1. As someone who sews in a "temp" space, I totally hear you on the dream of a permanent space. I've actually been able to leave my machine out for long stretches but as the room is shared by people who like being able to hear the tv, I still covet a dedicated space. The ironing board set-up is sweet. I did that once when I had to sew on the coffee table and was doing a small piece that required constant pressing. Adjustable height is awesome.

    Cute blocks!

  2. You make me giggle!!! I love your new sewing setup with the ironing board down low! Keep taking it easy!! Your blocks are beautiful and your washi tape is just too cute!

  3. Commander Worf is jealous that your workstation allows you to sit down. He's going to have a talk with Captain Picard about that.