Thursday, May 16, 2013

More Progress on the Farm

While my sewing machine was being serviced, I spent my time cutting fabric for Farmer's Wife sampler blocks. When I first started farming, I shied away from machine piecing the blocks, because I was afraid that my scant 1/4" seam wasn't accurate enough. Instead, I paper or hand pieced them. I still struggle with getting a perfect scant seam, but I no longer fear machine piecing these little blocks. In fact, having all the fabrics cut ahead of time makes machine piecing them a breeze! Here's what I accomplished today.
#16 - Calico Puzzle. Would you believe that I chose these fabrics last October and prepped them for handsewing on my way to Sewing Summit? Unfortunately, I messed up the directional prints, so I set the block aside. I recut some of the pieces a couple weeks ago and stitched it up today. I don't love the fabric choices I made, but don't hate it enough to remake.
#56 - Maple Leaf. I LOVE this block. My seam allowances got messed up, I think because the beige fabric got a bit stretched out, so the block is a little too big, but I'm going to leave it for now and square up all my blocks "one day."
#71 - Puss in Boots. Another winner. I love the fussy cut centre and searched for the right block to use it in. This block is just perfect for it.  Love.

P.S. I definitely need to buy some Washi tape for taping up blocks for photos. The painter's tape is just horrible!