Wednesday, June 20, 2012

WIP Wednesday: Staycation Edition

I mentioned yesterday that I'm starting a new job on Monday, after almost eight years with my former employer. I took off a week off between jobs and declared it a staycation! I set some goals for the week. They are:
  1. Quilt as much as possible. Specifically, I want to complete the quilting for my Sew Happy Quilt. By the way, this quilt desperately needs a better name. Any suggestions?
  2. Take as many naps as possible and/or sleep in every day.
  3. Get my hair cut and my brows waxed.
  4. Buy a new work dress (or dresses) Success!
  5. Drop off dinner for a friend who just gave birth.
  6. Organize our bank accounts: close my personal account and move our joint account to a fee free bank. FYI, this is more work than I anticipated it would be, considering we have already opened the new account.
  7. Spend an afternoon with a girlfriend, who I haven't visited with since I was on maternity leave.
  8. Meet another friend for lunch.
  9. Stave off anxiety about starting mynew job!
As is often the case when one has some time to oneself, the days quickly got booked with errands and appointments, but I was careful to carve out "me time." Monday was a wash. Levi and I both had doctor's appointments, although I did take myself out for lunch in between. Tuesday was grand; I went to the salon, shopped, made my friend dinner and got in several hours of quilting. Today I dropped off dinner, ran a couple errands (including a stop at The Workroom!) and quilted for two hours (so far).
Little Gems mini-scissors and Summersville FQ
I also made a yummy rhubarb and strawberry compote using produce from our CSA (Everdale Organic Farm).

Yummy deliciousness
My Sew Happy Quilt is over halfway done! And I still have two days of staycation left! Things are looking good for my reaching goal #1.
I did hit a minor snag though. Puckering! I decided to rip out the offending rows because I'm a perfectionist and it would drive me crazy if it remained.
Okay, here's the status report you've all been waiting for.

New Project
Quilting for Kids block - Loralei, the woman who ran the text swap I recently participated in, is asking for i-spy charm blocks for a foster child her mother is involved with. I've selected the fabric for the block (including the Summersville post above).

WIP status report
Flora Charm Quilt - HSTs are moving right along
Farmer's Wife QAL - yup, working it
We Bee Learning Bee - June is my month, yippee! I've asked the ladies to help make Levi's bed quilt so...
Levi's Bed Quilt -no longer hibernating!
Sew. Happy. Quilt back  - Quilting is half done
3 x 6 blocks for Q2 - in the mail, two have been received.

Hibernating projects
Levi's Growth Chart - no progress
NY Beauty QAL - fabric has arrived

P.S. I'm having Blogger formatting issues. So frustrating! I'm giving up and just hitting publish now.
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  1. Yay for taking a staycation and getting some good 'me time', Lisa! I love the colours of your Sew Happy Geek quilt. As they reminded me of fruits (limes, tangerines, berries), I was thinking Tutti Fruity might be a good name. Enjoy the rest of your vacation and good luck with the new job. So exciting!

  2. Time to oneself is a luxury not fully appreciated sometimes! The more I stay home, the happier I am...

  3. It sounds like you are having a very productive staycation. Good luck with the new job:)