Sunday, June 3, 2012

Texty Mail Day

Charm swaps are addictive. The anticipation of textile mail is just too much for a fabric addict to resist. And so, I've taken to signing up for fabric swaps. Two so far, and this week the first batch of fabric landed in my mail box.

We were swapping text fabric in 5 x 10 swatches, which is the size of two charms. I chose this print from Hometown.

Hometown - Town Square - Sweetwater for Moda
Hometown - Town Square - Sweetwater for Moda

I was pleased to get a good number of black and white swatches, which are useful in so many bee blocks.

These three fun prints are among my favorites. I wish the lady's head wasn't lopped off the top one, but that's what happens when you're cutting charms, I guess.

Do you like swapping charms? The Big 10 Inch Charm Swap has a few spots left. Check it out here.

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