Saturday, June 9, 2012

Losing its Charm

I've been taking a break from quilting my Sew Happy Quilt and instead have turned my attention to my Flora charm quilt, mainly because I was getting a bit frustrated with quilting such a large beast on my little Kenmore. Little did I realize that I was about to make myself even more crazy with the monster that my Flora quilt is becoming.  You see, this quilt will be made almost entirely from half square triangles. You guys, what was I thinking?! Here's where things stand:

I currently have 62 turquoise HSTs, 54 green, 52 rust and 48 yellow. 

I have charms cut in my four solid colours enough to make 14 turquoise, 26 green, 22 yellow and 16 rust.  I still need to cut 40 more Kona Snow charms and at this point I'm actually considering just ordering a charm pack of them to speed things up a bit. Once sewn, I will have a grand total of 294 HSTs...

That is 294 HSTs to trim down to size. Which is INSANITY! Again, what the heck was I thinking?!  Now, let's just say that I chose not to trim my HSTs and instead trust that my 1/4 seams are perfect (HA!). Is this flirting with disaster? What do you think? Of course, I should keep in mind that if I don't trim the HSTs, I will have to snip 1176 little wings off the corners of these suckers. 1176! Somehow I'm not finding this prospect appealing either. (EDIT: It's actually only 588 little wings, but STILL!).

All of the above assumes I'm making a queen bed sized quilt, which was my initial hope. Now, with the HSTs I have material for, I'm looking at a size of 64 by 72 inches. That's without borders. Assuming a 5 inch border all the way around, I'm up to 74 by 82. If I do another 5 inch border, that gets me to 84 by 92 which is what one of my handy-dandy quilt size reference charts tells me is the minimum size I would need to make this a queen bed sized quilt.  I'm beginning to think that this will be the first quilt I send out to a long arm quilter. If I tackle quilting this baby, it could be years before it gets completed. Plus, I really want it free motion quilted. I can't begin to fathom doing that on my Kenmore.

Sigh. I'm starting to feel a tad defeated. I think I'd better go back to my Sew Happy Quilt tomorrow.


  1. It is always a dangerous thing to do too much figuring out at the beginning of a quilt. Much better to work out after it's finished how many triangles were involved. I'd be tempted to trim a few and start sewing them into larger units... then at least the process gets broken up a bit. But then, that's me!

  2. oh my you are crazy!! I just hate having to trim those little buggers down. can't wait to see the finished project

  3. I think it's a little like rock climbing: it'll be okay as long as you don't look down :)