Tuesday, June 19, 2012

New Job, New Dresses! Let's Take Lots of Pictures!

I recently resigned from my job at an organization that I worked at for almost eight years. Thursday was my last day. It was weird to hand over the key to my office and take the elevator down 61 (!) flights for the last time. My colleagues threw me a lovely goodbye party and showered me with farewell gifts - I felt very loved.  I'm extremely excited about the next step in my career. The job I'm going to is with a very highly regarded international organization and is a management position. I decided to take a week off in between to decompress and focus on doing things I wanted to do, like quilt, nap, and shop. Because a new job calls for some new clothes. Obviously.

The rest of this post is going to involve a copious amount of photos in which we pretend that I am a model. All of these dresses are from The Bay. They were having a dress sale which I didn't know before arriving. Great timing!

Dress #1: I really liked this one. Chartreuse! My favorite colour! But unfortunately, it was a little too tight for the office and they didn't carry a larger size.
Dress #2: I loved this dress so much! But, again, it was waaaaaay too tight for the office (you can see my belly button! Yes, I have no shame!) and they didn't have a larger size.
Dress #3: Simple, understated with a lovely detail at the neckline, and entirely office appropriate. Purchased.
Dress #4: Flowy (huh, not a real word according to spell check) and flattering. It's hard to tell from the photos, but it's a deep grape with taupe polka dots.
Dress #5: My favorite of the bunch.  Everyone needs a navy blue shift dress. This one has a cool neckline and fit perfectly. And it was half price!

And finally, a pretty blouse. I might return this. The jury is still out. 

I promise to return to my regular quilty posts tomorrow!


  1. great dresses and congrats on the new job

  2. OMG. I cannot believe how long it took me to actually comment! That last pic is hilarious! I have dress envy too! I really need to add some to my wardrobe. Hope you're loving the new job!