Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Value Add

I've finally settled on a quilt pattern to make for my daughter-to-be's baby quilt. I've decided to make Kaye Prince's newly released Orion lap sized quilt. Check out the link for a ton of photos.

I knew I wanted to use the coral colourway Tula Pink's Salt Water and I spent the last two evenings auditioning fabrics from my stash and surfing online to round out my selection. I was able to source most of the fabrics I was missing from The Workroom and I swung round after work to pick them up. They didn't have the Ice Peach Kona I wanted, so that's on order from My Fabric Spot. They were also sold out of the Sea Debris print, which is really disappointing. I found a source online, but it feels wasteful to pay shipping for just one fat quarter, especially since the Canadian seller didn't also carry Ice Peach.

I've been reading up on colour value, and I wanted to make sure that I have the right balance of dark, medium and lights so I took some photos and converted them to black and white.  Here is my first attempt at sorting my fabrics from dark to light.

Pretty close, but there are some that need rearranging.

Much better.

Next, I decided to arrange the fabric into colour groupings. I split them between maroon hues, pink hues, and coral/orange hues.  There were two fabrics that were really difficult to place so I left them in the middle.
So there you have it. My fabric choices for the Tula Star Quilt. Next step is to group the fabrics in groups of four, since each star uses four prints. I'll keep you posted on my progress!


  1. Great news that a daughter is on the way. As always I am impressed by your industriousness.

  2. Next grouping: saturation! (It's the most challenging axis, I think.)

  3. Oooh - great fabric choices! I always struggle with value; your insight is invaluable - thanks.