Saturday, February 9, 2013

Triple Zip Semi-Success

I cut the fabric for the Triple Zip Pouch I'm making as part of Debbie's Triple-Zip Along weeks ago, but only got down to sewing it now. The tutorial on A Quilter's Table is very good, but lacks photos for finishing the pouch. Luckily, Marci stepped in with her Alternate Ending Tutorial, which was full of photos, for all us visual learners. I would have been lost without it!
This pouch is not for beginners. Try a simple zippered pouch before attempting this one. I've made many zippered pouches over the years and this one still presented several challenges for me.

When following a tutorial or pattern for the first time, I almost always follow the instructions exactly, unless the modifications are endorsed by the designer. I like to see how the piece is meant to be made, before adding my own twist. In hindsight, there are a number of things I would do differently next time.
The tutorial suggested using fusible fleece to add stability to the main pieces. I used Heat n Bond. Having using this product twice now, I can say with certainty that I will never use it again. See those wrinkles? They are impossible to iron out. It makes the pouch look cheap. Yuck! The fleece was also too stiff and made the finishing steps really difficult. I think I would use a heavier cotton, canvas, or even corduroy, instead of quilting cotton next time if I wanted added stability.
I would also use shorter zippers next time around. I followed the instructions carefully and even measured how far in to place the zipper tabs but I still lost my tabs on the left. Again, this made finishing the pouch a real beast. It also looks messy. I'm a perfectionist and the top zipper is driving me crazy!
I do love the fabrics I chose, and the pop of pink inside the pouch. I also really like the concept of the triple zip pouch. It's so functional and I can see it keeping all the random things in my purse organized. Thus, I will definitely see another Triple Zip in my future!

Take a moment and check out all the other Triple Zips popping up in the Flickr group. They are gorgeous! 
Oh, and I almost forgot! This pouch was my February goal for A Lovely Year of Finishes. Wow! February 10th and I'm done already? Impressive!
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  1. Cute pouch! Thanks for sharing about your challenges with this one. I've been wanting to try it. However, I'm terrible with zippers but I keep trying… :-)

    As for the fusible fleece, Pellon makes a great one - I haven't had any troubles with it. Haven't tried Heat and Bond. We don't have a local supplier here so I always have to order it online and since I like Pellon, I stick with it.

  2. So sorry you had so many challenges with the tute. But glad you joined in. It's a darling pouch!

  3. I think your pouch turned out well - I love the fabrics you used. I used a fusible interfacing on the outer fabric of the pouch, and that was all the stabilizer I used. I asked for fusible fleece at a local shop, but what they gave me said fusible batting. I purchased it anyway, but did not use it for this projrct. I like the weight of mine - wonder if the fleece would have made it too thick for my taste?? Like you I think I would like to try another one. If you do another, please post about it. I'd like to know how it goes :)

  4. I think wrinkles add character. They are the record of a long life of worry or of smiles--you can tell how a person has lived their life by the wrinkles on their face--I mean triple zip pouch.