Sunday, February 17, 2013

Reversible Royal Crown

It's been a week since my last post, and that post was entirely photos. What can I say? The days are passing very quickly. This was a momentous week in our family.

Levi celebrated his second birthday, which is, you know, CRAZY! He's such a big boy now. His language is starting to explore which is really exciting.
We also bought our first car. Okay, Kivi's owned cars before and I owned a car for one month while living in Calgary, but I don't count that because it was a lemon and I insisted the sellers buy it back from me which they did. So as far as I'm concerned, this is my first car ever! Living downtown, we never felt the need to have a car, but with two kids under three? CAR!

In between all this action, I managed to complete two small projects.  Have I ever mentioned that Levi loves to play the drums? In particular, he likes to play marching band. He puts on a paper crown that he made at daycare and delights in leading us throughout the apartment. In the past few weeks, the feathers (yes, feathers) have started falling off and the crown is looking rather ragged. Enter, the Reversible Royal Crown! Gold on one side, Purple City from 1001 Peeps on the other, this crown is awesome. Best of all, Levi loves it! I've yet to snag a good photo of him in it, but when I do I'll post it.
The first is a little zippered pouch for my bosses son. I'm giving her daughter my Triple Zip pouch and you can't give one child a gift without giving something to the other.


  1. That paper crown with the feathers is the best physical item he's ever brought back from day care. He loves it. Yet, if anything, he'll love this more.

    I say physical item because he's brought back some really impressive behaviours and knowledge from daycare. We love our daycare!

  2. Great crown, Lisa! What is that superhero fabric in the pouch? It's awesome!