Thursday, March 8, 2012


The realities of being a working mom have started to sink in, now that I've been back in the office a couple of weeks. Overall, it has been a smooth transition. Here are some stray observations.
  1. I miss my kid. I know, I know, this is an obvious one. I don't wish that I was home with him all day. He LOVES day care and has way more fun there than he did with me. But seeing him for less than two hours a day is tough. Especially since he's just waking up for the first hour and exhausted for the final hour. I live for weekends in a way I hadn't in the past.
  2. My kid has totally bonded with his day care ladies and this hurts a little bit. These women are amazing caregivers and I feel so lucky that we have such great child care and yet... Twice I've gone to pick him up and sure, his face lit up when he saw me and he started towards me. But then he stopped. And turned to the lady he was playing with.  And (OMG, heartbreak!) reached for her. Cue mommy tears! I know this is normal and I know I can't be replaced. It's still gut wrenching.
  3. And finally, shock of shocks: I have way less time for quilting. I suffering serious withdrawal.  You know, itchy fingers, wistful glances at my sewing machine, dreaming of three hours of uninterrupted sewing time? I'm not even able to get a single block done in an evening!  Here's a snapshot of a typical night for me.  Pick Levi up and arrive home. Play with Levi for fifteen minutes. Feed him, bathe him,  read a couple stories, sing the shema to him (nighttime prayer) nurse him. Then I spend 30 minutes pumping so that he has milk for naps the next day. Most nights I feed myself as quickly as possible, touch base with my mom, nana or sister by phone and grudgingly help with laundry or whatever else needs doing around the house.  And then, finally, I can set up my machine and sew. 
Tonight I managed about an hour of stitching time  I'm working on my Sew. Happy. Quilt quatra star which is paper pieced. I always forget how slow going this can be. I totally expected to finish this block before bed. Not gonna happen. It's only half done.

And now, off to bed so I can do it all again tomorrow!

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  1. Aw... I totally get #2. And #1. I miss my kids when I don't see them (when the grandparents take them, etc). It's bizarre just how much, isn't it?