Monday, March 19, 2012

Bundle Up Baby

Y'all know I love me a contest. I have yet to win any of the giveaways or contests I've entered since my fabric obsession began, but I one day I will. I'm a Ginger Monkey and Pink Castle Fabrics have teamed up for a bloggers bundle giveaway. You're supposed to make a fat quarter bundle of 12 fabrics. There will be two winners and the prize is the bundle you created. Plus, your bundle will be listed for sale in the shop for others to purchase. If you win, you'll be famous! Okay, not really. Whatever. They don't actually explain what the criteria for winning is. I'm assuming it'll be the bundles they like best.

I used this photo as my inspiration for my bundle.

I won't tell you how long it took me to put this together. Let's just say it was not easy narrowing down to 12. The end result, however, it a bundle I would LOVE to create with. I'm tempted just to order it all right now.

The fabrics: (starting top left, by row)1. heirloom_chrysanthemum_blush, 2. dandelion-in-olive-prince-charming, 3. heirloom_marbled_stripe_gold, 4. vintage_ironwork_coral_michael_miller, 5. outfoxed_jewels_pink, 6. Sea Garden in Coral salt air, 7. crosshair-in-citron, 8. modernmeadownap_sack_sunglow, 9. calico-cactus-in-new-day-hope-valley, 10. holly_jolly_stripe_gray, 11. saltairwavesinocean, 12. metro_living_circles_pewter


  1. Nice combination... I like!

  2. Very cool inspiration photo and nice bundle you made with it :)