Wednesday, March 28, 2012

The Big Reveal! Presenting...The Frog Prince Quilt!

Way back on March 5, I told you that I'd finished my sampler quilt, but I didn't share photos or details because I fully intended to write a dedicated post shortly thereafter. It seems that life got in the way because here we are at the end of March and I've been snuggling under this quilt for weeks but, have yet to blog about it. My friends, this quilts time has come. I give you...The Frog Prince Quilt!

That's right. My sampler quilt has been named. This quilt features an adorable Frog Prince, fussy cut from, you guessed it, the Frog Prince fabric from Tula Pink's Prince Charming line on its front and back. I LOVE LOVE LOVE this fabric collection and The Workroom had many of the prints on sale at the time I was constructing this quilt. Johanna Masko was our instructor for the sampler quilt class. She is fabulous and I learned so much her: sewing curves, binding and basting properly, fabric selection and more. If you live in Toronto, you *must* take a quilt class of hers, you simply must!

I quilted each of the six blocks for this quilt differently. I chose a variegated Valdani Thread. I think it's the third spool from the left in this photo here. I outlined the birds in the applique block.

Stitched in the ditch of my log cabin and finished it with lines across the diagonals.

I kept it simple with the Churn Dash block and stitched the quadrants and diagonals. 

My flying geese block was quilted into 16 squares.

I had a blast piecing the back for this quilt. I did it completely on the fly, improv style and I think it is awesome.

And finally, I added a splash in pink into my binding, just for fun.

And there you have it! My very first completed quilt: The Frog Prince Quilt. An obsession is born.

P.S. I'm linking up with TGIFF!, which is being hosted by the Fiona at Finding Fifth.


  1. oh wow this is LOVELY!!!!! great work!

  2. It is gorgeous. I love the piecing you did for the back.

  3. Yay, wait this is your first quilt? Double yay! Congrats, Lisa -- it's beautiful! Thanks for linking up to TGIFF! Lucky you to have the workroom. I wish that was there when we lived in TO. :)