Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Grrr! Arg! Etc!

I've been composing a post in my head for the last two days about how much I hate sashing. It's definitely my least favourite part of the quilt making process. Yes, sashing is helpful when a few of your blocks are a tad small or a smidgen too big. But keeping the wonk to a minimum is crazy making. And getting everything to line up properly makes me want to tear my hair out.

Misaligned! Grrrr! Arg! Etc!
Unfortunately, I don't have time for a rant about sashing because I'm quilting on a deadline. My Sew Happy Quilt top is due to be posted by Sunday!


  1. looks great to me and no one is or should be looking too closely to notice everything isn't exact! Great work

  2. I think your problem is that sashing doesn't really solve the problem of blocks that are not quite the right size - it just emphasizes the variances. Trimming blocks to the same size first is probably better - then cutting your sashing strips into the correct sizes before sewing them (ie don't sew then trim). If there are small differences between blocks that can be "fudged", cut the sashing all the right size, then ease or stretch the blocks to fit - at least the sashing will match up - but you could run the risk of the quilt not sitting flat (but this is where quilting the death out of it comes into play)

  3. I had the same problem!! But once I put the whole thing together it was only noticable to me - yours will look great no matter what!