Monday, March 11, 2013

Which (Drunkard's) Path to Follow?

I've been browsing Pinterest, my quilting books and Flickr in an effort to decide on the three final blocks for my 3x6 Sampler quilt. One will be my hexie block and yesterday, I settled on making a Drunkard's Path block, backed in Steel grey.
At Sewing Summit last year, I learned how to sew curves without pins. Nevertheless, I prefer the "pin the *%#@ out of it" method of piecing curves. Less chance of error. It sure does take a long time though.

Selecting a layout for a Drunkard's Path block is always the hardest part of this process for me. I find photographing options helps me narrow things down. I shot 9 options and am turning to you, dear readers, for help in choosing between my top six.
I'm leaning towards 3 or 4. My husband liked 5 best. I'm pretty sure 6 is out of the running. What do you say?


  1. Holy bat crap that's a lot of pins! I've done a few Drunkard's Path blocks, I try not to use pins at all because it's inevitable that I'll pick my self on one of them! Your project is looking great, love the fabrics you chose!

  2. I like #3 and #4 too! But if I had to pick I'd say #3