Saturday, December 29, 2012

A Lovely Year of Finishes

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I received an invitation today to join Melissa of Sew BitterSweet Designs and Shanna of Fiber of All Sorts' 2013 challenge, A Lovely Year of Finishes. I'd seen it described on both of their blogs, but hesitated to join in because I'm trying to go commitment light in 2013 (what with a baby expected mid-year and all). But when the invitation came on Flickr, I couldn't resist.  Here's how it works (copied from their blogs):

Each month pick one project, anything you like (it can even be an entirely new project, so long as you can finish it in the current month) and tell yourself, “I Will Finish It.” Then write a blog post about the project and link it up to our Goal Setting linky party. Spend the rest of the month working on your finish. We will have a mid-month check, and though you are not required to link up to that post, it would be fun to see your progress! Finally, after you have finished your project, write a second (or third) post showing us your Lovely Finish and link it up to our “Finishes Party.”

Other group members posted mosaics of their 2012 finishes, so I joined right in and made my own. I was disappointed to realize that there were some projects I didn't take finished photographs of, like my wonky log cabin placemats (Update! Found the photo but not going to redo the mosaic). I also haven't taken good photos of the Hungry Caterpillar quilt yet, due to Snot-fest-chez-us and copious amounts to snow.  

Here's the mosaic of my finished bee blocks:

I think I can make this happen, if I keep my ambitions within reason. June might be tricky...I wonder if finishing growing a human being can count as my June project?


  1. Snot-fest-chez-us is snot to be confused with snot-fest-cheeses, which is just gross.

  2. So glad you are joining us! Hopefully the snot fest ends soon!!!

  3. I look foreward to see all your finishes! An exiting challenge!
    A happy new year to you!

  4. Yes, growing a human definitely counts as a finish! The Lovely Year of Finishes sounds so nice, but knowing myself, I will be embarking on another Lovely Year of Starts with a Couple of Mad Dashes to Finish in Time for Deadlines!

  5. Beautiful finishes!! And yes, babies count as finishes. :-)

  6. You know what? This is a really cool idea. And if it doesn't have to be a quilt, I can definitely commit to one finish a month! Off to sign up if I can...