Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Matryoska Madness!

Look what came in today's mail!

L to R: Little Kukla Matryoshka Dolls by Suzy Ultman for Robert Kaufman;
Zhivago Nadya Matryoshka Dolls Metallic by Alexander Henry; Unknown Japanese import.
I'm so glad my pretty Matryoshka dolls have arrived. As you know, I'll be using some of them for my Sewing Summit name tag. I'm also going to make a tote for summit, hopefully using the Alexander Henry. I only bought a 1/2 yard of it so I'll need to use it judiciously.

Aren't these tea towels adorable? When I saw them at one of the gift shops in my neighbourhood I just couldn't resist adding them to to my kitchen linens.

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