Thursday, March 12, 2015

FMQ Placemats

I'm falling behind on blogging my finishes and it's driving me crazy! Posting every project I complete is my ONLY crafty goal for 2015. So really quickly...I  made placemats! They are large. Placemat get washed so frequently that I find they shrink up over time so starting big is the way to go. 
I've loved these two Michael Miller veggie prints forever! I eye them every time I go to Len's Mills and finally picked them up one day when I decided I hated the quilted placemat under my breakfast plate (one of my first sewing projects ever, when I lacked an eye for colour apparently!).

I used this project as an opportunity to practise my FMQ. I  chose four different styles: spirals, cube stippling, a wavy leaf motif and a sunburst. The simplest is my favourite. Go figure! 
Aren't they just the most cheerful table toppers? Yes. Yes they are!

1 comment:

  1. They are, they are! And don't denigrate the old ones; they're really nice too.