Friday, October 11, 2013

A Trio of Good Stuff

Three pretty great things happened today. The last two weeks have been exhausting and "good stuff" was definitely welcome. If I truly reflect on the last two weeks, there have actually been quite a few highlights: the Tova class I'm taking at The Workroom; getting new shelves up in my sewing space; a fun night out with a girlfriend; and, progress on my Marcelle Medallion. But I really need to think to remember all the good, because the tiring (Lila is teething and up several times each night), the frustrating (Levi is not going to bed easily these days and is often up past 9) and the busy (I'm a person who needs a significant amount of downtime/alone time) are overwhelming.

So, three great things about today. First, I made a superhero cape with one of my favourite six year olds. In late August, I volunteered to watch my friends' son one morning so that his parents could get stuff done. Our activity was to make a pencil case out of Batman fabric. He loved it and asked for a second sewing lesson. Sure!
The resulting cape is reversible and attaches with velcro. I made the neckline too big but it's a pretty great result for winging it and the young man in question is really proud of it which makes me very happy. I didn't get great photos unfortunately.

The second great thing was a total surprise. I was having terrible afternoon. Lila wouldn't nap so I put her in the stroller to try and induce sleep and on the way out I check the mailed and found a care package from my dear friend Shannon (who I met at Sewing Summit 2012)! I'd asked the name of a fabric in a project she posted on Instagram and what does she do? She goes and buys it for me! Whaaat?! These Denyse Schmidt prints aren't available in Canada; they are only sold at JoAnn's.
The third great thing about today actually began on Wednesday when I bought a stack of Tula Pink's Acacia after class at The Workroom (the two black prints are from Sweetwater, not Tula). 
I wanted to cut into it right away! I knew I needed a project that would allow me to fussy cut the sweet raccoon, so I thumbed through my magazines and books and landed on a spool mini quilt. I used a few of my big charms from a Tula swap I took part in recently. This mini will hang in my sewing room once completed. I'm looking forward to free motion quilting this top in the next few days.


  1. Crap about the bad stuff (sometimes being a parent just sucks)... but woohoo about the good! Love your spool mini... what a great use for that fabric!