Wednesday, September 25, 2013

WIP Wednesday: En-listing Help

Whenever I feel overwhelmed by everything I have to get done, I make a list. Lists help me focus, prioritize and reduces my anxiety. I think this is one of the reasons why I love WIP Wednesdays. If I only have time for one blog post a week, it's most likely going to be on a Wednesday!

I have a ton of projects on the go right now. My Mom really liked the Lush Uptown fabric I bought to make pillows and requested I make some for her too. This meant making eight pillow covers! I've finished six of them and they look great on my couch. I think she'll be happy with them too.
I've finished quilting the Plus quilt using Oh My Deer for my sister's baby-to-be. I didn't have enough binding fabric so I posted a photo on Instagram asking if anyone had any extra in their stash. Nicole offered to send me a skinny fat quarter and I received it early this week. I love the internet quilting community! People are so generous. I'll be attaching the binding this week.
My Marcelle Medallion is coming along well, but hasn't been without it's challenges, that's for sure! Piecing the triangle border was really tricky. Despite working so hard to have accurate seam allowances, my first length of border was too short!
 In fact, every single length of border came out a different length. It was maddening!
I was unwilling to redo the borders. You've heard me say before that I'm trying to embrace imperfection, so I considered this another opportunity to fight perfectionism and just make it work. I'm currently contemplating what colour to make the next border. I'm also procrastinating on starting the flying geese border because the pieces are so very tiny! I want to make them using the no waste method, but I need to figure out the math first. I'm hoping someone else will do it for me!
Oh! I almost forgot! I was the week 2 winner of the Marcelle Medallion QAL. Penny is sending me an awesome care package of a Lecien "Doubles" charm pack, three spools of perle cotton, and a Sunburst Template Set! How lucky am I?!

I've also spent time this week on my Stacking the Odds quilt back. I'm beginning to really regret having tackled a queen sized quilt! I've also come to the conclusion that I'll need to send this to a long-armer. The thought of basting this beast makes me want to put it away for another year. Does anyone have a favourite long-armer they can recommend? Preferably someone in Canada because postage would be more reasonable.

Finally, I did some knitting this week. I turned the heel of sock one. I'm knitting the socks toe-up and using short rows for the toe and heel. It's my favourite method, but I always mess up the short rows at some point and end up with more wrapped stitches at one end than the other! Once again, I decided to "fake it" and make it work.

My other WIPs are Lila's Tula quilt, which is half quilted and my Farmer's Wife sampler. I didn't touch either of them this week. 

And now for your weekly dose of adorable:
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  1. Adorable is right!
    Nice work.
    That book looks interesting. I'm a displaced Ontarian living in Alberta.

  2. Awww, cute. You really are immersed in a lot of projects. If you don't like flying geese, why not make up your own border - and make it easy.

  3. I did the math for the no waste method and posted it as a comment on the pennypoppleton blog.

  4. Wow! You have a lot on your plate. Your daughter is super cute. I think you did a good job on that triangle border, it wan't worth the heart ache of starting over, good call.

  5. Your medallion looks great, imperfections and all! Love the color scheme you are working with. I am a the point of being overwhelmed and needing a list as well! So many things to do and more I want to do.

  6. You must have the best behaved kids ever to get so much done on such ambitious projects!

  7. Ok, I'm making a partner a Lush Uptown deer pillow, and hand embroidering some of the paint by numbers area. Your taste is right up my alley so you're stuck with me as a follower now :)

  8. Oh Lush. It's beautiful but they weren't careful enough with the paint-by-numbers conceit. There are patches of different colours that are marked with the same number!

  9. Oh my goodness. That's some serious piecing! Wow. Love the pillow fabrics - both of them are terrific finds! ; ) Thank you for linking up to TN&TN and I apologize for not coming around more. I don't blog hop as much as I should. : )