Sunday, September 1, 2013

The Nights, They are Long

Levi has always been a pretty good sleeper. We've had our ups and downs with bath and bed time and he are currently experiencing a down time. As in, bedtime sucks. Every step of the routine is a struggle, from taking a bath to teeth brushing to putting on his diaper to turning out the lights. I'm guessing it's a toddler defiance thing. Unfortunately, we live in a small condo and his insistance on leaving his bedroom door open "a bit Mommy" seriously impedes my ability to spend my evening as I wish (i.e., no radio, can't sit at the dining room table easily, etc.).

Friday night, Levi was up until 11 p.m., fighting bedtime. He spent over three hours in his room singing loudly, reading to his stuffed animals, yelling at us for water/crackers/who-knows-what, attempting to get dressed (and getting stuck halfway), dressing his stuffies, pretending to have made a poopie in his diaper (we almost always check when he says he's pooped because the one time we didn't, we awoke to a very unpleasant smell) and pulling every book he owns off the shelf. Tonight was better. Only 30 minutes of tantruming and the books were on his bed instead of the floor.
Last night was a write off for me creatively, but tonight I managed to play on my new design wall AND finish a Farmer's Wife block. 
 No. 23, Country Farm, Machine Pieced
Here's the thing. For all the fussing and tantrumming and long weekend days, it's pretty hard to be annoyed with your kids when they are so damn cute. Am I right?


  1. Such lovely patchwork and beautiful babies! Our two year old has been staying up past 10 lately so we are calling her our little teenager.

  2. I like that we share the den now.

  3. My sister had a heck of time with my nephew the last few months and finally they tried the cry-it-out method. It does pass, i guess, but I know how hard it can be to worry about noise in a shared building, too. The design wall is fun! (totally jealous)

    Love that baby pic! She's got quite the personality. :-)