Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Quilt Retreat with me?

One of my goals for maternity leave is to get as much quilting in as possible, and this includes attending at least one quilting conference or retreat. I've always intended to go to Sewing Summit again, provided I can snag a ticket, but I've recently found out that two of my favorite people (Hi Ella! Hi Shannon!) won't be attending. I'll probably still try and go; I met a LOT of wonderful people at Summit and am sure to make new friends, but it's led me to consider other options.

I happened upon a quilt retreat taking place right in my backyard this November (November 15 to 17, 20130! It's at a family resort in Orillia and is run by Sew Squared.  What I like about this retreat is that it's not back to back classes; there's lots of sewing time to work on your own projects. Plus, the price includes 6 meals, accommodations and the resort, Fern Resort, looks really lovely (there's a SPA!). I've already confirmed with the Sew Squared ladies that I'm welcome to bring the baby and since it's a family resort, they have cribs available! AND, they have a gluten-free menu. What more can a (celiac) girl ask for?!

Here's the catch: the pricing is based on double room occupancy and there's a 25% single supplement which really does increase the cost. I'd really like to find someone (or many someones) to come with me.  I *know* I have readers from Ontario so I'm putting out the call. Who wants to come to the quilt retreat with me?  You know you wanna! I'm a great roommate (although I can't vouch for baby yet).

Actually I think it would be AWESOME to have a group of us modern quilters attend. Looking at the photos, I think it's a fairly traditional quilting crowd, but I'm cool with that. I just love the idea of two full days of dedicated quilting goodness. If you're interested, leave me a comment or send an email!

Sew Squared retreat info
Fern Resort Quilt Retreat info

If you know of other quilting retreats or conferences that you'd recommend I look into, please leave me a note in the comments.  I've got a year of maternity leave and I plan to use it well!


  1. Oh I really hope you find someone to go with you. It sounds like a wonderful retreat!

  2. Quilting on Lake Simcoe--what a delight!