Monday, October 8, 2012

Tag, You're It!

I just finished my name tag for Sewing Summit!Isn't she sweet? I used Heat n'Bond for the applique and then quilted around the matrioshka doll and in the corners. My embroidery isn't perfect, but it's crunch time and there just isn't time to be fussing over the length of my stitching.

I really struggled with the binding. I cut it too thin and turning the corners was a major challenge. Still, it does the job and hopefully the little doll will help people remember my blog name. Matryioshka doll - Balabusta, pretty similar, right?

Now I'm off to whip up a zippered pouch to swap. Only two more sleeps until I'm leaving on a jet plane!

Linking up with Manic Monday over at Sew Happy Geek today and for the first time with Canoe Ridge Creates Sew Modern Monday!


  1. I just finished up some projects too! See you at SS!

  2. Love! What a great idea! I have experienced making my binding too thin as well. Have fun at SS! I also came here from SewHappyGeek's Linky Party!

  3. The composition is terrific. Good balance of colours, textures, and design elements.