Sunday, July 15, 2012

Wiksten Woes and a Winner!

I sure was proud of Wiksten tank that I showed you the other day, but the truth is it was too big. Much too big. I decided to try another muslin, this time in medium. Don't ask me why I didn't try the large size, which would have made much more sense. Because, you guessed it! The medium was too tight around the bust.
My apologies for the terrible photo, I used my Blackberry.
Making a third tank required a trip to the fabric store. I picked up some delicious turquoise rayon. And this one appears to fit, with one small modification. I raised the front and back by 1/4 inch. Sewing with rayon is extremely difficult. It's so slippery! I think I'm managing it alright. I still have to finish the binding on the arms. I'm hoping to finish it either tonight or tomorrow. I'll keep you posted.

And now...the giveaway winner! Thanks to everyone who entered.  I get a little thrill every time someone comments on my blog and I'm so grateful to each and every reader. Thanks for joining me on my sewing adventures. The winner of the FQ bundle is...

KELSEY of Kelsey Sews! Kelsey and I both participated in the Sew Happy Quilt QAL. She used Little Apples for her version. Do check it out, as it's adorable.


  1. You surely don't give up! But the one that is too big, can easily be made smaller.......