Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Darning and a Pouch

My latest obsession is darning my hand knit socks. Knitting gives me repetitive strain so knitting new socks is out of the question. My last pair of knit socks are full of holes, but I can't bear to throw them out. Enter a very cool article in the latest Uppercase magazine, about Tom van Deijnen and his Visible Mending project. I was totally inspired to repair my socks!

I read numerous articles and watched a bunch of YouTube videos and eventually found a technique I like called duplicate stitch. I even bought a darning egg to make my job easier! I'm almost finished repairing this pair of socks and am on the lookout for holes in my other woolens!

My darning project needed a pouch to hold the tools of the trade, obviously. I stitched up a large quilted zipped pouch. I just love it! I used two gorgeous prints from Katarina Roccella's latest line, Recollection. The outer fabric is quilted with gridlines and the overall effect is fabulous!

This is my sixth finished project of 2015. I'm excited to post about a quilt I completed recently, but I need to make sure it has been received first!

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